Whether you’re a first year undergraduate student at Dal or a seasoned T.A finishing up your degree, anyone who’s spent time taking classes, playing sports, seeing a play or hanging out on Dalhousie campus can attest to what an amazing school it is.

We decided to compile a list of all the things that make going to Dal such an awesome experience.


1. We’ve got a massive student body

With over 18,000 part-time, undergraduate and graduate students, Dalhousie is one of the largest Universities in Canada.  Students from all over the world travel here to get a top notch education, creating an incredibly diverse student body on campus.


2. Our school spirit is off the chain

Inspired by our mascot the Dal Tiger, Dalhousie students have no reservations about showing off their student spirit at all times.  Whether you’re rocking a Dal hoodie during a study session at the Killam, or going all out to support the football team at homecoming, there’s always plenty of black and gold Dal pride to be seen on campus.


3. We’ve got some super talented varsity athletes

The incredible athletic facilities available at Dal allow the Tigers to compete alongside other Canadian Universities in a variety of sports at the varsity level, including basketball, hockey, soccer, swimming, track and field, cross country running, and volleyball.  Our quidditch team also formed in 2014, and is quickly growing!


4. There are a ton of amazing classes offered here

Dalhousie offers more than 4,000 courses and 180 degree programs in twelve undergraduate, graduate, and professional faculties.  Students are also encouraged to take advantage of the variety of study abroad programs and co-op arrangements made available by the University.


5. Our campus is gorgeous

Established almost 200 hundred years ago, the Dalhousie Halifax campus has facilities located all throughout city, with the Studley Campus being the hub of activity.  Our medical school’s teaching hospitals, the Sexton Campus and the The Agricultural Campus in Bible Hill, Truro also make up Dalhousie’s massive, beautiful campus community.


6. The Grawood

Dal’s legendary student bar has hosted many a night of joyful debauchery, from themed St. Paddy’s day parties to chaotic trivia nights to some of the East Coast’s best musical acts.  Recent renovations have turned what was once a dark amphitheatre space into an open, modern bar and grill.


7. We’re right in the heart of Halifax

Dalhousie’s Studley and Sexton campus’ are located within walking distance of downtown Halifax, and most student residences have full access to bus systems capable of transporting students almost anywhere in the city (for free!).


8. Our facilities are constantly being upgraded

Dalhousie is determined to provide students with the most modern, advanced facilities possible, in an effort to continually improve the aesthetic and functionality of our campus.  The Wallace McCain Learning Commons’ recent completion near the LSC looks incredible, and in 2018 Dal plans to open a brand new, state-of-the-art athletic facility to coincide with the university’s 200th anniversary.


9. We have two student unions

Both the Dalhousie Student Union (DSU) and the Dalhousie Association for Graduate Students (DAGS) do an incredible job of representing all Dalhousie students within the campus community by organizing countless events and fundraisers to benefit the school.


10. There are tons of extracurricular activities

The DSU recognizes more than 100 student organizations and societies on campus that represent a huge range of interests and talents, in addition to about 200 hundred other clubs and societies organized without school funding.  There’s a society available for everyone to enjoy, including the Harry Potter society, the parkour society, the tea drinking society, and many more.

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