There are a number of faculties and programs that Dal has to offer, which is great for students who have no idea what they want to study. Believe it or not, but Dal is almost 200 years old, and in those 200 years they've added a number of programs and faculties for their growing student population... But haven't added more parking. 

As a Dal student you start to notice things about students in different faculties that makes them so easily identifiable. It's almost like how everyone can tell the difference between a bright eyed first year and a dead inside near grad. So here are 12 brutally honest descriptions of Dalhousie faculties:


So there are a ton of Art students on the Dalhousie campus and it's a really big faculty, but you can always tell a Dal Art students from other faculties. If you've ever questioned if a group of kids go to King's but are on the Dal campus, you've probably spotted an Arts student.

There are so many different types of Arts students at Dal, but there are 3 types that you've definitely encountered:

1. The Philosophy/Political Science type: They're all about theories... Not conspiracy theories, more like Marxist theories and such. 

2. The Activist: These students always have a worthy cause to discuss that is usually overlooked by the University. *cough* Tuition hikes *cough* 

3. The "I'm majoring in Sociology, but my end goal is Law School" type. Enough said. 


The well rounded smart kids that get an entire campus to themselves... But actually, what do they even do down there? The only time engineering students make their way to the Studley campus is to study at the Killam for 14 hours straight during exam season. Outside of that they avoid Studley students like the plague. 


Cheers Bar and Grill... that's it. But actually, this faculty either spends it's time chilling in the Rowe or going to case competitions or conferences around Canada. Members in this faculty are most likely from Ontario or Vancouver, and pretty much only talk to students in their faculty. They also never stop talking about how great Commerce Summers are. 

Medical Sciences

If you ever see a student running from the Carleton campus to the Studley campus, it's probably a Med Sci student trying to make it to their next lecture within the 10 minute window. Med Sci students are all usually a part of the medical response team at Dal. They are also the most overworked and over-involved faculty on Campus. Med Sci students run a million different clubs and societies, volunteer on the weekends and somehow have time to study and have a social life.... Teach us your ways Med Sci! 


Planning is kind of like a super chill person that no one knows they exist. I feel like this program got its name because all of the students in this faculty are planning on becoming Architects. In all honesty there is so much more to this program, but if you don't major in it you'll never know about it. You've probably never met a student from planning either, not because they don't exist but because they somehow have their own faculty specific building. 


Students in Kin at Dal have a hard time accepting the fact that they've become N.A.R.Ps, so they study offset that by studying Kin. Kin students love to hate the Dalplex... If you ever hear a group of people complaining about how crappy the gym is, they're most likely in Kin. Kin students either play on a Dal team, or are a trainer for one of the varsity teams. You'll usually hear Kin students talking about how much better it is to be a trainer at SMU... But that's only because they get jackets. 


Commerce for students that don't like math. If you study Management, you've probably been asked this question a million times: "So what exactly is Management" and your response is most like "TBD..." Students in this faculty are the more chill students in that study the Rowe. Unlike Commerce students, They also know don't know everyone in their faculty, but that's mostly because they never go to class. 

Health Promotions

This faculty is your yearly inspiration through exams and life in general. Not only do they give out snack packs during exam season, but they also bring puppies to campus. Health Promotions is the real MVP of faculties at Dal.


*Takes Intro to Psych* *Knows everything about the brain* Students in psychology are always posting in Dal pages looking for participants in studies they're conducting. These studies almost always have to do with how much drinking you do in a week.


Science students at Dal are the first to tell you how much they hate the LSC. These students spend more time complaining about 3 hour labs then they do about anything else... But can you blame them! You know how your classes are supposed to get smaller as you move up in your degree? Well that doesn't really happen in Science. It's not uncommon to have class in the Scotiabank all the way into your 4th year when you student. 

If students in Chemistry aren't standing outside the Chem building while the fire department deals with whatever experiment gone wrong they've just done, then their complaining about how big their first year Chem class is. 


You literally get to play with mud in SUST class. When they're not sitting in the Ondaajte on Thursday nights, you can find students in this faculty in the Muse, or at the Market on Saturday mornings. Students in SUST are very likely to try and convince you that spending your summer planting trees, or on a volunteer trip in South East Asia are among some of the most enriching things you can do with your life. 

Marine Biology

So apparently there's an Auqatron on Campus... Have you ever actually met someone in Marine Biology? They have one of the nicest buildings on campus, but I swear there are never any students in it. Where do all the Marine Bio students hide? They must be out collecting samples at the waterfront or something, cause they're definitely not on campus.  


If you ever meet an IDS major at Dal they are definitely also in Political Science or Sustainability. This might just be one of the most random faculties Dal has to offer. It's not even that International Development as a field of study is random, it's more so that the classes are. If you happened to take into the course Halifax and the World, you're probably still wondering when the "World" part of the course was taught.

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