St. Francis Xavier is the top party school in Canada, and thankfully for Dalhousie students we're only an hour and a half away from the little town of Antigonish. For a University that pretty much has less then half a dozen bars it's almost hard to believe that X has such a reputation... But after one visit I'm sure you'll understand. 

If you go to Dalhousie University, you are definitely aware of our lack of school spirit, and poor support for our sports teams. That's why homecoming in Halifax is almost like any other Saturday. The only difference is that you wake up a little earlier than you would to go to Splitties and wear some Dal apparel. 

The only thing that Dal students have up on X students is that Triple A is better than Kenny's. 

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1. Students and Alumni party together

The night before homecoming students and alumni pack into the campus bar, buy each other drinks and share crazy stories about their time at X. Dal can't even get students out to the Alumni walk on homecoming and there's free breakfast!

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2. People actually attend the homecoming games

At X they have a football and a rugby game going on at the same, and the fans are out in full force for both. At Dal, you can barely even get the first years out to the homecoming game. 

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3. The Village

You have to see it to believe it... Why is it that every University has a place like the Village except for Dal?

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4. Apparently noise complains don't exist

Pretty much the entire city supports homecoming in Antigonish. Unlike in Halifax where noise complaints and fines are thrown around by the dozens. 

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5. It's a marathon not a sprint

Did you make it to the Pub? Despite the fact that 8 a.m power hour is a thing at Antigonish, homecoming there is truly a marathon, while it's more of a sprint at Dal. One of the requirements to go to X must be the ability to rally, because as a Dal's student I could barely keep up.

 6. HOCO House visits

The Alumni presence is really quite a thing to see at X. As an X student on homecoming, you should expect numerous groups of alumni to visit your house to share stories about when they used to live there. "Your bedroom used to be the party room... I can't believe they got the foot prints off the celling in here." - X Alumni to X Student. At Dal, if you were to go back and visit your old student house, there's a strong chance that an actual family lives there now or that it's part of a multiplex.  

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7. $4 Rides Anywhere in Antigonish

Usually you can cab anywhere is Antigonish for a flat rate of either $5 or $8, but on homecoming there are ride share options as low as $4 all over town. Could you imagine being able to taxi anywhere in Halifax for such a low price? It makes sense why only Halifax students complain about not having Uber in their city.

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8. Alumni and International students fly from all over to come to Homecoming at X

Not only do alumni from all across Canada come back to visit, but students from around the world who in some cases only went to X for a semester on exchange come back to party, and thats common there. If you ever told a student that came on exchange to Dal to come back for homecoming, you might just be the worst person. 

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9. People actually get decked out at X for HOCO

At X, the limit does not exist when it comes to St. FX gear. The students at X don't stop at just what the book store has to offer. They'll DIY the hell out of every and anything for HOCO. The apparel options at the Dalhousie bookstore are already limited, and most student don't even remember when HOCO is, and just end up wearing something they bought in first year... So you'll most likely be in the same thing as at least 30 other people. 

10. Even the President of the University is LOCO for HOCO

Believe it or not, but the President of X does more than just send emails! You can catch him at the INN taking pictures with students and chatting about classes.

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11. X Has actual bleachers

The cement steps that Dal calls bleachers might just be one of the contributing factors to our limited game day turnout. 

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12. St. FX Students have way more University Pride 

"Smile you're at X" It's safe to say that homecoming at X is on a whole other level than Dal's... But what else can you expect from the top party school in Canada. One of the greatest things about going to X is that you can go up there knowing almost no one and still have the time of you life.

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