Wherever you find yourself travelling – whether it be to Montreal or Toronto – the new friends you make will always be excited to meet a maritimer.  Your enthusiastic stories about small town life near the sea will doubtlessly be received by laughter and exclamations of “I can’t wait to visit.”

After conducting some in depth autobiographical research, we put together a short list of hilarious small town experiences that make growing up in rural Nova Scotia awesome!

1. You’ll always get your coffee from Tim’s

No matter how much money you make.

2. You’re never been more than ten minutes from a beach

Or any body of water for that matter – Dartmouth alone has over one thousand lakes.

3. You’ve spent Friday night turning up at a Dooly’s

And run into about half your relatives, a high school teacher and your boss doing the exact same thing.

4. Your favorite sweater is from a Frenchy’s

All your clothes are from a Frenchy’s…

5. You’ve waited days for a snow plow to get you out

Clearing the path to your front door is one thing – getting your car out is the real hassle, never mind starting it.

6.  You know someone who's met Sidney Crosby

You know someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone's cousin* who met Sidney Crosby.

7. All your parties happened in the kitchen

Because you’re closest to the fridge, and usually closest to the exit – ideal for having a dart break or keeping your beer cold in the snow.

8. You know all the words to Barret’s Privateers

But I’m ok with not being in Sherbrooke now.  I’m feeling Halifax atm.

9. You’ve driven to New Brunswick because smokes and gas were cheaper

I’ve even driven to Salisbury for the cheap liquor. 

 10. You’ll play hockey on any frozen surface

Ponds. Lakes. Puddles. Sidewalks. Driveways.  You name it.

11.  You'd rather bridge jump than hit the beach

It's like the small town version of cliff jumping, only safer...

12. Your favorite food is Donair

I’ve got Donair sauce in my bag *swag*

13. You’ll always live next to the sea

Nothing beats the smell of salt water.  

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