Granted having the chance to study at an amazing university like Dalhousie is a major privilege, there are certain…quirks about the school that us students will be able to attest to.  It’s the small struggles involved with daily life on campus that we complain about in the moment, but ultimately make university a hilarious experience.

We put together a list of some things that are constantly happening to every Dal student navigating life on campus, regardless of age or degree.

1. Running late to class because the Tim’s line in the SUB was too long

Took 20 minutes to wait in line and order a double double.

2. The Killam’s soul crushing nature

It’s good that they covered the whole thing in concrete, it looks great…

3. Empty 8:30am classes

That somehow fill up completely on the day of the midterm.

4. The beauty that is living in Howe Hall in first year

When you want to party it’s the best - when you want to study it’s a nightmare.

5. Pretending you know what you’re doing at the Dalplex

*This is exactly what the person on the instruction sticker looks like right?*

6. Trying every possible sandwich combination at Subway in the atrium

And knowing the names of all the people who work there.

7. Mixed feelings about the new Grawood

Mostly positive, but your heart still aches with nostalgia for that weird, dank club we used to have.

8. Pretending to act cool about midterms

Meanwhile you’re still trying to get lit like it’s frosh week.

9. That sinking feeling you get entering the LSC

Because it’s a bunker without any windows soooooo.

10. Wearing a t-shirt to class in the winter

Because you know they’re going to have the heat set at aprox 103 degrees Celcius anyways.

11. Constant fomo because your classes aren’t on Studley Campus

And you’re all the way in Truro trying to visit on the weekends.

12. Trekking to Triple A at 2am for sustenance

Their pizza is made fresh from scratch every hour so it must be good for you.

13. Getting lost in the McCain

Because every class looks the exact same and every corner looks the same it’s a maze.

14. Trying to graduate on time

Then waiting until fourth year to visit the academic advisor’s office and learning you have to take 122830 more classes somehow lol…

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