As a student, there are many experiences that are pretty universal no matter where you go, but there are just some things that you'll only get as a SMUdent. Your Dal friends will never understand, the folks back home could never possibly get it, and trying to explain it is nearly impossible.

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Thankfully you go to a school with about 8,000 other huskies who feel your pain! So to all my SMU friends, not only will you understand what I'm talking about, you'll find this stuff hilariously relatable. FYI - at least one of these terrible burdens is about toilets... Bet you can't wait to find out which one!

1. That giant dog that lives right next to the bus stop is a source of both fear and admiration.

Seriously, that thing is massive. It looks like a grown man in a dog costume and there's no way the tiny old woman who walks it could restrain it. Yet it seems so damn cuddly.

2. No one ever has cash for the cafeteria line

The wait takes at least twice as long because of it, but everyone still insists on paying with debit because who really carries cash these days?

3. Replacing the English book section with a glorified Bed Bath & Beyond was a huge mistake!

Now the regular book section is even more cramped, all so that the one chump whose mother didn't pack a duvet for him can buy one.

4. Passing through the gate to get to class in the gym makes you feel like a VIP.

Admittedly, you'll fumble for you card a few times, but once you get things down you get to strut on through with a casual "I've got a class." It really lets you feel like an important figure.

5. The quad might be crazy nice, but hanging out there is only fun in theory.

No temperature control, chills, and a distinct lack of cushions? No thank you.

6.  Finding that perfect study space in the library during exams is worth fighting for.

Once exam season rolls around, the library sees a lot of use and if you have to claim a desk by leaving your valuables there during a snack break, then so be it.

7. Just saying... you don't need to show up for some first year classes

They're first year classes, you can probably get away with skipping a couple of them. Follow this advice at your own risk!

8. Half of your first year classmates won't last through their second year

This might have something to do with the previous item. It turns out that despite the four day week, you do actually have to put in some effort to get by at any university.

9. The Loyola washrooms are the worst washrooms.

In the interest of keeping this sophisticated, I won't elaborate, but every SMUdent knows this to be true. Just an absolute horror show.

10. The first year math class you take in Sobey will suck

Even if you're a Commerce major. Especially if you're a Commerce Major.

11. Any and every animal that comes onto campus is treated like a celebrity

It could be a cute dog, a wandering cat, or even a feral raccoon. Whatever it is though, you, me, and anyone present are going to look at that thing like Ryan Gosling just wandered into the quad.

12. The Husky Den is actually a way better alternative to trying to snag a computer in the library

Maybe it's because people instinctively recoil from using computers in basements and so they avoid it, but if you actually need to get work done, this is the place to come.

13. You'll only ever run out of print credits in the clutch

Nothing is more classic than finding out you can't print five minutes before the essay you're printing is due. Admittedly, you could just keep better track of how many you have left, but we're not here to shame anyone.

14. Every once in a while, ever so rarely, the buses just plain don't show up.

You get used to it. After all, there's literally nothing you can do about it.

15. SMU means a lot to you.

You're spending or have spent some really important years of you life here. It'd be impossible for you not to feel something for it.

16. The best toilets are on the upper floors of McNally

Yeah, I said it.

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