September's almost over, and King's students are finally settling into some form of a rhythm, whether that means spending every afternoon between class in the Quad, hanging out in Sodexo until you get kicked out, or eating ramen every night because you're finally too lazy to feed yourself. Whether they've already experienced these or not, below are some struggles every student who attends King's (all 1,100 of us!) will come to know.

1. Telling people you go to Hogwarts.

What with the robes, Father Thorne who is actually Dumbledore, and the fact that Prince Hall looks just a little bit TOO much like the Great Hall, it's not a stretch to say you attend the Magical School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

2. Taking 20 minutes to walk across a 100m quad...

Because there are at least ten people you will stop and chat with.

3. Being an upper year student and wanting to go to the FYP lectures.

We would honestly wake up extra early before class to see Dan Bran lecture on The Bible, or Laura Penny on Montaigne.

4. Fangirling over your brilliant tutors.

Whether it's Caleb, Dan or Dawn Brandes, Chris Cahoon, Kait Pinder, or any of the other many incredible tutors you will have, they're all geniuses and you will fall in love immediately.

5. Spending every waking moment in the Wardy.

Ah, the beloved HMCS Wardroom, with its cheap drinks and amazing people. FYPsters in 2016 don't know what they're missing, while upper years can barely wait for all that construction to finally be over so they can get back to that iconic pool table, and get their hands on one's of the Galley's famous grilled cheeses.

6. Having to figure out what to wear to class every day.

This is crucial so that you don't accidentally get mistaken for a Dal student, but more importantly to try to show off your unique style (because, let's face it, everyone here has their own, incredibly distinct style).

7. Knowing every single person at the school.

With a total student population that is smaller than most high schools, you're guaranteed to personally know, or at least recognize, 97% of the faces you see around campus every day.

8. Having to tell people back home (read: from Ontario) you go to Dal.

Chances are you're coming in from outside of Nova Scotia, with approximately 65% of King's students coming from Toronto or the GTA, where no one has ever heard of The University of King's College - and if they have, they think it's the one at Western.

9. Having your school be constantly under construction cause its so old.

Flooded library, constant scaffolding, a Wardy makeover, you name it, King's has seen it. By now we're used to the sound of metal clanging on metal while we're trying to pay attention in tutorial.

10. Paying for a formal meal ticket as an upper year.

Because you missed the free day student giveaway and you’re too lazy to cook for yourself. And let's face it, you miss the robes.

11. Sodexo.

We love it and we hate it. While the food is sometimes unidentifiable and you end up having to make yourself a sandwich every night for dinner, the incredible staff make it worth it, not to mention the fact that they remember how you like your eggs in the morning.

12. Trying to work out but there’s already someone in the gym.

We may be a small school, but a tiny cardio room with only a few (functioning!) machines and a cramped weights room that exposes you to the whole gymnasium just isn't enough.

13. Trying to figure out if King’s even has any sports teams.

Just kidding, we love you UKC Blue Devils!

14. Having to go to the Killam because the King’s library has a capacity of 1 person.

Okay, maybe we're exaggerating a little bit, but trying to find a seat on the beautiful first floor is definitely a struggle at times.

15. Seeing a church procession going through the quad, but having no real clue what is going on.

This, and weddings. What??

16. Wanting to go to every Chapel retreat, but never handing in your form on time.

We just want to hang out with Father Thorne!!

17. Finding out there’s a King’s frat.

What is the Lodge?! Who lives there? What does this mean?

18. Having a bit of a rivalry with Dalhousie,

But really we'd be lost without it because most of our classes are at Dal, and most of us have friends who go there, so we could never really hate them.

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