Another year, another semester!  The start of a new term at Dal is always exciting - new classes, new people, and campus is always the most beautiful at this time of year. But slowly the excitement of frosh parties and new roommates begins to fade when you catch your prof saying something about "midterms" in the second week of school.

These daily struggles start to creep up on you. All of a sudden those little irksome things you had forgotten about over the summer come rushing back. Like slow walkers in front of the Killam, or the smokers in front of the McCain. Don't worry, you're not alone. All Dal students face the same struggles - lets band together and acknowledge how annoying the following things are:

1. Trying to explain to your relatives why you came to Dal.


2. Taking that a step further, trying to explain to your relatives why you came to Dal when you "don't even take marine sciences".

Can I not enjoy the ocean without having to study it???????

3. Always having to subtly let your new classmates/friends know that you're NOT a King's student.

*Gets 'DAL' tattooed on forehead*

4. Attempting to explain to visitors what the Penis Statue really is.

Before giving up and just admitting that it looks a lot like a penis.

5. Wanting to care about your university's sports teams but failing because does Dal even have any sports teams?

What are we again? Lions? Jaguars? Some kind of jungle cat.

6. 2.0: Wanting your peers to care about your Dal sports team but having to alert them to your existence first.

We're the TIGERS, god.

7. Getting incredibly lost in the LSC even though it's your 50th time in there.

And then panicking because class starts in 2 minutes and you have no idea where you are.

8. Having to find somewhere off campus to study because the Killam is just too depressing to work in.

Seriously, just toss a window or two in there.

9. But when you're forced to study there, struggling to find a damn seat.

OKAY, your science notes don't need to take up six seats.

10. Actually missing the -25 degree weather outside when you have class in the Henry Hicks building.

It's like having class on the sun.

11. Opening the door to your classroom in the McCain too early.

And being glared at by every student inside.

12. On the flip side, having to stare ominously at the kid who tries to come into your McCain classroom too early.

Excuse me, we're still learning in here.

13. Dealing with the constant construction on campus.

Yeah, we didn't want to use the front door of the SUB anyways.

14. And then pretending that you can hear what your prof is saying through all the jack hammering and concrete smashing.

*smiles and nods* *pretends to write something in notebook*

15. Having to SCHEDULE a room in the Learning Commons if you want to study there.

And only being able to have it for like an hour at a time.

16. All of a sudden having class in a building you've never even heard of.

Mona Campbell and Tupper I'm looking at you guys.

17. Having to make it from the LSC to the McCain in the span of 10 minutes.

1o minutes might seem like enough time but it is not.

18. Thinking that the solution to the insane bookstore line at the beginning of the semester is just to avoid buying your books entirely.

You probably need at least one text book.

19. Having to take exams in the Dalplex.

Where confidence goes to die.

20. Having to get up for Monday morning class after Sunday nights at Lower Deck.

Hangover city.

21. Wondering about the Grad House but never actually having the courage to go in there.

Even though you're legal.

22. Seeing a cool Dal After Dark event and resolving to go, only to back out at the last minute.

Because it's been a long week and you need alcohol.

23. Forever debating with your friends over whether it's pronounced GRAH-wood or GRAY-wood.

It's definitely GRAH-wood.

24. Deciding in your first year to avoid Howe Hall like the plague but ending up there more times than you care to admit.

*stares at feet and laughs uncomfortably*

25. ALWAYS having to carry your alcohol in an opaque mug in res.

Right because I'm definitely just drinking tea at 3 in the morning.

26. Being sorted into Gerard or O'Brien and having to walk every single day to Studley campus for class.

It's so FAR.

27. Alternatively, having all your classes on Sexton campus where literally no one cares about you.

I'm not even sure that Dal admin knows Sexton exists.

28. Saying peace out to your engineering friends after first year.

Oh you wanted to hang out with the guy in engineering? Good luck with that - Dal.

29. Trying to get Tim's in the SUB before 2 p.m.

There's not even enough room in the SUB lobby for all the people waiting.

30. And having to decide which is more important: morning coffee or being on time for class.

The age old struggle.

31. Struggling to get to class in the winter because school wasn't cancelled and there's 4 feet of snow on the ground.

Would it kill you to shovel the sidewalks, Dal?

32. Finally getting your snow day but on a day that you didn't even need it.

It's almost like Dal doesn't care about getting you out of your midterm.

33. Walking around campus in your Hunter Boots and knowing that you're being labelled as "basic".

But I NEED them to keep my feet DRY.

34. Being forced to invest in a full length winter coat to walk to class in.

So that your ass doesn't freeze off.

35. Trying to find a place to park on campus.

Before giving up and accepting that you'll probably get a ticket.

36. And then knowing that you don't really HAVE to pay your Dal tickets...

But feeling ridiculously guilty about it.

37. Knowing that at some point in your university career you have to awkwardly climb the Dalhousie sign and snap a pic on it.

It involves some legit free climbing. And accepting your fate if you fall.

38. Having to act totally not jealous over the fact that SMU kids get Fridays off.

Psshhhtt, yeah we don't even care.

39. Never using "study days" to actually study.


40. Complaining about every little thing Dal does, but missing it horribly as soon as you leave.


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