With all ten seasons of the wildly popular NBC comedy series Friends being readily available on Netflix, a whole new generation of fans have begun to appreciate the legendary sitcom, while also managing to avoid the one-hundred-dollar cost of purchasing the show’s full DVD set immediately after the series’ conclusion.

From 1994 to 2004, the antics of these six New Yorkers defined what it meant to a good Friend, while also earning each of them up to a million bucks per episode.  We've taken everyone's favourite squad and associated each of them with the Halifax-based university or college that best personifies their defining character tropes.  Are we reading into this a bit too much?  Maybe.  Is it a huge stretch to personify a fictional group of beloved NBC sitcom characters as six Canadian universities and colleges?  Absolutely not.

1. Dalhousie University // Rachel Green

Being the fun, friendly girl she is, Rachel Green definitely embodies the full stereotypical university experience offered at Dal, complete with homecoming and Greek life organizations being present on campus.  Dal brings a massive group of students from all over the world to Halifax as the biggest University in our city, and thus creates the super social, outgoing vibe similar to the one created by Rachel’s character on the show.

2. Saint Mary’s University // Joey Tribbiani

SMU permeates the same sense of “chill” embodied by Joey Tribbiani in every episode of the ten-season-saga that was Friends.  We think he would have appreciated the laid back campus vibe at Robie Street High, and would have attended every Huskies game eager to rally school spirit.

3. The University of King’s College // Ross Geller

Given his academic interests and endearing nerdy vibe, we think that Ross perfectly represents King’s amongst this Central Perk crew.  King’s is an integral part of the Halifax university scene and is very much associated with Dalhousie University – similar to the mutually dependent relationship between Ross and Rachel some might say.  Ross & Rachel, King’s & Dal...both timeless relationships that closely affected millions.  I think we’ve nailed this one.

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4. NSCAD University // Phoebe Buffay

This one was pretty obvious – being the eccentric, artistic one, Phoebe clearly best represents the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.  Being the natural singer/songwriter she is, Phoebe would have gotten a lot out of attending a fine arts institution such as NSCAD, and likely would have been extremely popular.

5. Mount Saint Vincent // Chandler Bing

Given the awesome graduate programs offered by The Mount, we thought Chandler Bing with his mysterious office job would be a suitable personification for the university.  Anyone who completes the unreal Business Administration or Public Relations masters program is sure to get an awesome adult job just like Chandler.

6. NSCC // Monica Geller

Although it’s not technically a university, we felt Monica had to be NSCC as both the neurotic Friends character and the popular HRM community college both have a major love of cooking!  Monica would have killed it at NSCC in the culinary arts faculty, as we can tell from her successful catering endeavours and various cooking jobs on the show.

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