With midterm season in full swing, it’s hard not to get distracted by everything going on around you, be it your friends, parties, the temptation to take a picture of every falling leaf around you…you get the picture.

While libraries are obviously an excellent resource when it comes to studying, they can often be filled with people you know, and sometimes you just want a change of scenery. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to round up the best places in the city to buckle down and get your study on, without being surrounded by stacks. 

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1. Humani-T // 1451 South Park St

 Of course a café is at the top of our list. This funky place is the perfect study spot if you need some sugar to get you through your trillion hours of reading; they serve gelato throughout the year!

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2. The Nook on Gottingen // 2118 Gottigen St

The Nook is perfect for studying because it is just that- a nook. This cozy spot will have you in the study zone, especially with all the plants around to get that oxygen flowing to your brain for optimal concentration!

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3. Wallace McCain Learning Commons // Lord Dalhousie Dr

A popular spot for King’s and Dal students, the Learning Commons is a spot specifically designated for studying, with rooms that you can book off for private study groups, two computer areas and a large quiet reading room if you prefer to drape yourself over a comfy chair to get your work done.

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4. Coburg Coffee // 6085 Coburg Rd

Coburg Coffee is the perfect place for those of you who like to study with some background noise. The place is often bustling with people, typically other students like yourself also cramming, but also often people on dates and friends catching up, among others. Great for getting in the zone and then taking a break and doing some people watching.

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5. 8th Floor of the LSC // 1355 Oxford St

The lookout of the Dalhousie Life Sciences Centre is truly a unique spot for its sweeping views of Halifax. If you’re lucky enough to snag a spot up there, the huge windows will provide the best lighting around to help you focus, and the view is perfect for when you need to get your head out of the books and come up for air.

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6. Just Us! // 5896 Spring Garden Rd

Another great café to study in, Just Us! is located in a beautiful Victorian house with an extremely cozy interior often filled with people getting their work done. The upstairs area is perfect for quiet study, with plenty of seating, power outlets for your laptop (because who takes notes by and these days?) and free wifi.

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7. King’s Wardroom // 6350 Coburg Rd

By night the Wardroom may be a place where King’s students come to drink away their stresses, but by day, the beloved (and newly renovated!) Wardy is a popular study space with plenty of seating, great lighting, and the Galley coffee shop located right inside so you can get your caffeine fix to keep you going.

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8. Uncommon Grounds // 1030 South Park St

Uncommon Grounds actually has three locations for you to choose from, the other ones being on Barrington St and a seasonal one in the Public Gardens, but this is our go-to. The cozy coffee shop has lots of seating for you to whip out your notes, and their coffee is local so you’re supporting your local businesses while growing your brain. Talk about two birds one stone!

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9. Nova Scotia Public Archives // 6016 University Ave

The Public Archives is possibly one of the most unique places in the city, so if you like studying while surrounded by the stories of thousands who have come before you, this is the place to be. Take a break from your books from time to time to explore all the fascinating history that the Archives has to offer.

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