Being such a massive municipality, every community in the HRM has it's own unique quirks and characteristics. If we could give Nova Scotia a description overall, it would probably be "The province that sells the most rain jackets, excessively uses donair sauce and pretends the Dome is actually home (for Cape Bretoners the Capri)".

I asked a bunch of different people their opinions on neighbourhoods in the HRM, and this is the hilarious truth I got. So here are twenty brutally honest one sentence descriptions of The HRM’s many neighbourhoods:

1. South End Halifax

Christmas lights competition- Brothers Edition.

2. North End Halifax

You’ve attempted veganism.

3. Park West

The Burbs.

4. Fairview

In Junior High you probably wore hightop sneakers.

5. Spryfield

The only place you can catch waves that aren't from the ocean- The Wave Pool.

6. Sackville

Sack Vegas...does anyone actually know why it’s called this?

7. Bedford

Couldn’t decide between the Escalade or the BMW honey so I bought both.

8. Hammonds Plains

We could buy the BMW but we got the Prius instead.

9. Clayton Park

How did they get the Canada Games Centre, a Glass Library and Soccer Nova Scotia?

10. Dartmouth

Known by all Haligonians as “The Dark Side”, isn't actually that bad though.

11. Downtown Halifax

Just a big ol’ hill.

12. Tantallon

Grab your flannel, we’re going for a ride in the civ bomb.

13. Shearwater/Eastern Passage

What’s that smell?

14. Burnside

Your last hope on a holiday...The Cold Beer Store.

15. Prospect

Where the “Sea people” live.

16. Creighton Park

You can’t sit with us if you don’t paddle.

17. Portland Estates

Where are the trees?

18. Cole Harbour

Sidney Crosby’s hometown, and we can’t let people forget it.

19. Timberlea

Lots of  trails.

20. Highfield Park

We’re working on it.

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