El Chino Snack bar opened up on Robie Street this past summer, and they are serving up some of the best cocktails and appetizers in Halifax’s North End.  You may have walked by this new unsuspecting restaurant across from The Common and wondered what was going on in the tiny, multi-coloured bar next to Tony’s.  After conducting an in-depth investigation, we have answers.

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Located at 2398 Robie Street, El Chino offers some awesome appetizers in addition to an extensive craft beer and cocktail selection.  The walls are decorated with vibrant multi-coloured murals and halogen lights, giving the small space a really cosy vibe unlike any other spot in the city.  El Chino is low key one of the cooler new bars to open in Halifax, perfect for a first date or drinks with some friends.  The menu includes both Chinese and Mexican dishes - be sure to try the pulled pork tacos!

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