In preparation for the first screening of Bluenose: The Legend Lives on CBC, a giant 4-D geodesic dome was built on Halifax’s waterfront to broadcast the event.  The dome now acts as an immersive movie theatre that uses a complicated combination of technologies (360-degree cinematography, high resolution projection, surround sound and synchronized wind/water effects) to simulate the effects associated with actually being aboard the subject of this 20-minute documentary.

Ka’nata production’s film Bluenose: The Legend Lives follows the intricate construction process behind the famous Canadian schooner’s replica.  The project was sponsored by The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in association with the Canadian Maritime Heritage Foundation, and is meant to use wind, water, and a complete 360-degree virtual experience to transport each and every viewer aboard the deck of The Bluenose II.

For only $8.50 you can experience one of the fifteen daily screenings of Bluenose: The Legend Lives at 1617 Lower Water Street.  This amazing dome will only be only up for a limited time, so it’s definitely worth seeing!  Click here for some more details about show times.

via @splashdome

via @splashdome

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