Hearts broke across Canada on Tuesday, February 19 when a refugee family who moved to Canada from Syria fell victim to a tragic house fire in Halifax. The fire killed seven refugee children and left their two parents hospitalized.

Canadians across the country have been sending their condolences, including governmental officials such as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In the days following the breaking news, $300,000 has been raised for the refugee victims of the Halifax house fire that killed seven children

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A GoFundMe campaign page was set up yesterday on Tuesday, February 19 for the refugee family affected by the tragic house fire and just one day later, hundreds of thousands of dollars have already been raised. Thousands of people have donated to the fundraiser and it has over 17,000 shares. 

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So far, over $305,000 dollars have been donated to the GoFundMe from over 6,300 people in just one day since it was created. The number of contributions continues to grow and even today, more people have been donating every few minutes on the campaign. 

The GoFundMe fundraiser was titled "Halifax House Fire Tragedy". According to the campaign page, it was set up and organized by the Syrian family's friends, which includes Imam Council of Halifax, and the Hants East Assisting Refugees Team (HEART), which is the organization that first sponsored the family to move from Syria to Canada.

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The organizers of the fundraiser said that the funds raised will be fully given to the affected Syrian family, and will not be put towards burial costs. 

"We need to support them in facing their calamity and help them finding a new shelter and pay for expected expenses," reads the campaign page. "It's hard to estimate how much they'll need to restart their lives, but we urge haligonians and the people of Nova Scotia to do their best."

Via GoFundMe | Screenshot

Besides donating money, many people are also sending their condolences to the families in the comment section of the GoFundMe campaign. Check out some of their messages below. 

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Via Screenshot | GoFundMe Campaign

Via Screenshot | GoFundMe Campaign

A funeral for the seven children who died in the fire is expected to be held in Halifax this week, the Ummah Masjid And Community Center announced on their Facebook page, which is the mosque the family attended. 

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