Ever since the Liberal Government came into power, you may have noticed an increase in the amount of weed dispensaries opening up throughout Halifax.  Each dispensary has their own requirements of customers – some ask for a doctor’s prescription before selling marijuana, while others simply require a government I.D.

Auntie’s Health and Wellness Centre is one dispensary that is particularly low key when it comes to screening patrons.  Owner Shirley Martineau recently announced that her business will no longer require customers to produce a prescription should they wish to purchase marijuana.  Located at 1547 Barrington Street, the local dispensary only requires that visitors have a piece government I.D stating they’re over 19 years of age before making a purchase.

Dispensaries of a similar nature have been opening up all over Canada since Justin Trudeau took office.  Entrepreneurs are attempting to open up shop ahead of marijuana’s full legalization, as promised by the Liberal government during election season.  Technically it is not legal to sell weed to anyone who isn’t able to provide a doctor’s prescription for the drug, however police will likely refrain from intervening with operations like Auntie’s until a formal complaint has been filed by the community – as of now, no such complaint has been made.

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