Whether you're an Instagram influencer with thousands of followers, or just a casual photographer who's hoping to get a new camera for Christmas, we thought we'd put together a list of all the places in Halifax you can get some beautiful shots at this winter.

 We've listed cafes and bars where you can escape the cold and mix up your feed, in addition to parks and landmarks that make for an awesome backdrop all year round.  Visit them all and get creative this winter break!

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1. Locas Billiards

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2. Citadel Hill

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3. Point Pleasant Park

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4. The Public Gardens

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5. The Dingle Tower


6. The Northwest Arm

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7. King’s Wharf

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7. Macdonald Bridge

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8. Weird Harbour Espresso Bar

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9. The Grand Parade


10. The Central Public Library

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11. Bishop’s Landing

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12. Bellissimo!

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13. Historic Properties

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14. Lot Six

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15. The Old Apothecary

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16. The Train Tracks

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17. The University of King's College

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18. The Emera Oval

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