Halifax is home to a lot of universities considering how small it is, therefore making it the perfect university City.  Students come from all over the world come to Nova Scotia for the awesome post-secondary programs and laid back east coast lifestyle. Many end up staying after graduation because they love it so much!

University is a great time in your life because you're bordering on leaving home and going out into "The Real World"...which I think we can all agree is terrifying.  We decided we'd make a list of things you have to do in Halifax before you enter into the real world, so grab a friend or two and check them off before you're standing there in your black gown wondering if you YOLO'd enough over the last four years.


1. Night at The Seahorse Tavern

Possibly the hippest Nova Scotian bar, jam out at The Seahorse with some incredible local musicians, and grab tickets to a show upstairs at The Marquee some time as well! 


2. The Dome

This pinnacle of the Halifax Nightlife scene is just something you simply can’t ignore as a student. That being said there are three things you need to try at The Dome: attend Christmadome, take a picture with the Taboo backdrop and of course...try out the pole on the dancefloor.


3. SMU football game

Saint Mary’s University is known for their maroon and white football legacy. Attend the home opener and wear your fave school colours. It’s not like going to university in the states, and I think we like it that way.


4. Fish and Chips at Fries & Co.

This underrated diner has got the best fish and chips around. Seafood of any kind is a staple meal of any Haligonian, so if you haven't tried the greasiest golden fish and chips, you’re not living in Halifax right.


5. Buying an East Coast Lifestyle shirt

Would you really have gone to university in Halifax without buying an East Coast Lifestyle shirt?


6. Shutting down your campus pub

Whether its the Grawood, Gorsebrook, Vinnie’s or an (ish) frat house, shutting one of them down is just a right of passage.


7. Ride on the Harbour Queen

Many universities have society events that take out the Harbour Queen - at the end of your university career you have to make sure you’ve not just seen the harbour, but make sure that you've actually been out on it at least once.  


8. Breakfast at The Ardmore Tea Room

Located on Quinpool Road, The Ardmore is located right now Dal and King's. This little diner is cheap, quick and always a good option when you don’t have time to cook/are too hungover.


9. Alexander Keith's Brewery Tour

Halifax is known as the birthplace of Alexander Keith's, and this brewery tour will give you some insight as to how this epic international beer brand came to fame.


10. Try the local brews and spirits at the Seaport Farmers' Market

Experience the Halifax waterfront and visit this modern landmark on a busy Saturday morning.  Try some delicious local eats and sample the unique liquors brought in from vendors all over Nova Scotia. 


11. Irish Pubs

To fully experience our roots and culture, going to an Irish Pub is key...and it's also just a lot of fun, especially if there’s Cape Bretoners around.  Be sure to check out The Old Triangle, Durty Nellys and many more during your time out East.


12. Dal Basketball Game

The Dalhousie University game staff knows what’s up! With crowd games at half-time that are always a good show to watch, you need to catch a basketball game before graduating.


13. Colour Run

There’s always a colour run going on somewhere in the HRM. Wear a white T-shirt and get blasted with colour bombs on a huge team colour run all over Halifax.


14. Power Hour at the Split Crow

Grab some cheap drinks on Saturdays from 4:30pm-5:30pm and on Thursdays from 9pm-10pm during Split Crow's famous power hour!  Line up early to make sure you get a table with your friends.


15. Beers at a Mooseheads Game

Drink your Keiths during the Moose game at the Scotiabank Centre, maybe get caught on the kiss cam or be challenged to go out on centre ice for the half-time show. Nothing more Halifax than that.

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