In a city full of students you can only imagine that there are endless amounts of bars and clubs to go to. Many people in Halifax swear by specific bars on certain days... But that's where the difference between people from Halifax and students becomes evident. Now, don't stress if you're a student and happen to have been to these 10 bars and you're not actually from Halifax. That means you're definitely living your best life, and taking in everything that Halifax has to offer. 

...For those you from Halifax that claim to be bar stars, let's hope that you actually live up to that title.

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1. Cheers Bar and Grill

Could I be any more predictable? Going to Cheers for a night out is like getting a 3 for 1 deal on pizza. Not only can you take in a live band, but you can also head downstairs to the Dirty Dome and dance your life and dignity away... And you can even hit up Taboo if the Dome is just too boujee for you atm. 

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2. The Split Crow Pub

If there is one thing that can totally throw off your entire weekend plans to be productive and study, it's that 9AM text from your friend that says "Splitties?" We all know how hard it is to resist the temptation of $2.50 beers! It's always fun explaining to people that aren't from Halifax that being at the bar for 11 a.m on a Saturday is considered a normal thing in Halifax. Plus you've always go Sunday to hit the books... right?

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3.  The Seahorse Tavern

This might just be one of the most underrated clubs in Halifax. It's almost hard to even call the Seahorse a club. If you're truly a Haligonian, you'll totally understand where I'm coming from. For those of you that have never been to the Seahorse Tavern, you're missing out on a Halifax gem. They have the most amazing 90's night parties in the city.

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4.  The Lower Deck

Have you really been to Lower Deck if you haven't locked eyes with the lead singer of Signal Hill? This bar is definitely a fan favourite for all ages. You could literally go there with your mom and have the time of you life. Lower Deck also has arguably the best Alexander Keith birthday celebration in all of Nova Scotia. If you haven't attended one of their Keith bashes, you better mark the date for next year.

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5. Reflections Cabaret

If you're from Halifax and love to dance, then you already know that Reflections is the place to be. It's one of the only clubs in Halifax open until 4 a.m, so you can literally dance until dawn. Plus Reflections has that super European club vibe that you just can't get enough of. 

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6. The Halifax Alehouse 

Haligonian's know that the Alehouse is one of the best places to go for wings or nachos and beer. They're also super historic there, which you already know if you've ever seen their uniforms. The Alehouse also loves the live band scene, you usually can't even heard yourself think over the volume of the band. 

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7. Oasis Pub

Can you believe this bar made it onto the list? But it is truly a stop that every Haligonian has made wether they want to admit it or not. What's kind of weird is that Oasis is consider a sports bar which is hard to believe. Especially considering the fact that you've probably only ever gone there for karaoke. 

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8. The Toothy Moose

Remember when people thought the Trailer Park Boy were going to buy and get rid of Toothy's! Honestly, that might still be in the works, but for now it's still up and running. As a true Halifax bar star, you've already been to Toothy's a million times so there's no dire need to hit it up this Saturday. 

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9. Midtown Tavern

You probably have no idea what bar this even is... Believe it or not but Boomers is actually called the Midtown Tavern. Even though you're from Halifax, you might have only gone into Boomers because the line for Cheers was too long. But even so, it's still a time and worth the visit if you haven't been before.

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10. Noble 

So you've definitely been to Middle Spoons but have you been to Noble. Noble is Halifax's most iconic hidden bar. You can only get in by secret password. For those of you from Halifax you probably already know how to get onto their exclusive list, but for those of you who don't... Well you're gonna have to do some searching to find out. 

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