Staying home is pretty awesome. Not that there isn't a whole big, beautiful world out there to discover - because there totally is - but how awesome would it be to be able to lounge in your PJs all day, and still remain productive?

Pretty awesome, actually. And thanks to one Canadian company, you can lounge at home, in your PJs, remain productive and get paid for it, too!

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Shopify is a Canadian-based ecommerce platform that allows businesses to... well, sell their stuff super easily! Over 500,000 businesses in 175 countries use their platform both online and in-store, and if you’ve ever gone shopping, chances are you’ve used Shopify in some way, shape or form.

They were recently named one of the Best Places To Work by Glassdoor and over the next few months, they’re looking to hire 300-500 Canadians to work from home as Gurus!

A Guru is a key part of the Shopify team. It's their term for Customer Success Support; Gurus are at the front lines, helping stores set up, run and grow their business both online and offline.

Your tools for success as a Shopify Guru? A computer, a passion for entrepreneurship and access to an internet connection. If you're empathetic to the entrepreneurial journey and are a self-starter, the position is tailor-made for you.

Plus, it's a beautiful way to work without leaving the comfort of your own home. This is the evolution of work - work from your local coffee shop; work from your sofa; work from your kitchen; work from your bed, it’s all good. The choice is yours!

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Becoming a Guru with Shopify doesn’t just mean guiding clients and businesses alike to successfully find whatever it is that they need. It also means learning about different industries, learning how to run a shop firsthand, having a huge impact on the lives of customers and businesses alike and many other valuable experiences!

And in order to encourage Ontarians to apply, Shopify is scouring the streets of Ottawa and Toronto on December 7. They'll be at Parliament Hill, Rideau Street Underpass and Mackenzie King Bridge in Ottawa. In Toronto, they'll be at Yonge & Dundas Square, letting people know about their work opportunities and giving out cozy socks to anyone and everyone - socks that you can wear as you’re getting paid to work from the coziness of home!

For more information on how to apply to become an Ontario Guru for Shopify and work from home, check out their website, Facebook and Instagram page!

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