Toronto may get the most attention for insane food creations, but Hamilton's latest burger spot alone puts the city in a close second place. The spot on 207 Ottawa has been getting some serious attention for the downright  insane  burgers they've been posting on Instagram!

The place in question is called HAMBRGR and they mean  business  when it comes to hamburgers. From burgers that sandwhich an entire breakfast in between two buns to their Korean Fried Chicken Burger and Flaming Hot Cheeto burger (which yes, actually has flaming hot Cheetos in it), they're like Hamilton's own version of Epic Meal Time!

@hambrgrhamilton embedded via

@hambrgrhamilton embedded via

@hambrgrhamilton embedded via

Though they specialize in more than just insane burgers, they've also got insane milkshakes too! From your standard milkshake and Funky Monkey shakes to a milkshake with an entire slice of birthday cake in it, it's clear their menu is heart attack inducing, but in the best way possible.

@to_finestembedded via

If you are a vegetarian and still want to enjoy the crazy concoctions they cook up, they have vegetarian burgers as well that look just as insane as the ones that include meat:

@hambrgrhamiltonembedded via

So it's clear that everyone can enjoy a ridiculously large hamburger as long as you down for the drive to Hamilton! If you want to know more about their menu and other offers, you can check out their Instagram here .

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