The Progressive Conservative government made an official announcement this morning that Ontario parents can opt their children out of the new sex-ed curriculum. The announcement is part of an overhaul of the Ontario education system unveiled by provincial officials Firday morning.  The provincial government explained that at any point in a child's elementary education, parents have the authority to opt out of every portion of the health and physical education curriculum.

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Starting at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, Ontario's Ministry of Education will be offering online modules to parents who want to personally guide their children through the sensitive topics of sexual health.

The PC government has claimed that this allows parents to approach the subject "whenever their child is ready".

Ontario's Minister of Education, Lisa Thompson, told reporters at a news conference this morning, "Mom and dad are the experts on their children".

She had criticized the "controversial" sex-ed curriculum of the province's former Liberal government, saying that the previous educational program had been implemented "without adequately consulting parents".  She also claimed that "public trust has deteriorated".

The current provincial government has chosen to postpone covering some of the hotly-debated topics in the sex-ed curriculum until students reach the intermediate school age of Grades 7 and 8.  Some of these subjects include sexting, contraception, intercourse, and sexually transmitted infections.

Gender identity and gender expression, however, will be taught only in the second half of Grade 8.  Online safety, bullying, and abstinence will too be covered during the latter portion of the academic term of Grade 8.

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In Grade 2, students are instructed on body image, bullying, and online safety.  By Grades 4 to 6, content covering puberty, sexual reproduction, and sexual orientation will be introduced into health classes, in addition to "new concepts" such as consent and mental health.

Thompson stated that all of the information that was previously included in the old health and physical education curriculum will be included in the new syllabus.

Ontario's sex-ed curriculum has been a polarizing debate among parents.  Upon hearing of this morning's announcement by Minister Thompson, parents are strongly expressing their opinions of the news:

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