Winter is on it's way, which means baggy sweaters and leggings are on its way. Which means we can eat cupcakes and not be seen in a bathing suit for months #relatable

Anyways, some days you just need to crawl into bed with a cupcake and forget the world. I didn't mean for it to sound so depressing, but everyone definitely has those days. Whether you're going through a breakup, exams are killing your vibe or you're just a girl, you'll thank me for this article.

So here are the 7 best spots in Ottawa to grab a cupcake for any mood you're in. But seriously, a cupcake when you're sad is the best thing ever. Try it out if you haven't ;)

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1. The Cupcake Lounge // Multiple Locations

The cupcake lounge sells decadent all-natural cupcakes that are made fresh daily. They're probably the most popular cupcake bakery in Ottawa and definitely for good reasons. They have different selections for every day of the week and they also come out with seasonal flavours. Because they're amazing, they also offer gluten-free cupcakes as well!

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2. V's Cupcakes // 5556 Manotick Main Street

This cupcake shop is every girls dream. The store is absolutely adorable and their cupcakes don't mess around either. I'd highly recommend the pink lemonade flavour or the salted caramel. There is nothing better than an amazing homemade cupcake.

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3. The Cake Shop // 1200 Wellington Street West

The Cake Shop is a quaint cake shop (obviously) that sells gourmet cakes and cupcakes. The flavours change daily which gives you the option to try all of them! You can also order giant cupcakes for a special occasion, but let's be real, we'd all want to eat it right away.

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4. ThimbleCakes // Multiple Locations

ThimbleCakes has a lineup for each season of what cupcakes will be in their shop, and they're all delicious AF. You can count on the seasonal flavours to be amazing as well as the everyday flavours. If you're not feeling an entire cupcake, you can also order mini ones that are just as delicious but even more adorable.

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5. Strawberry Blonde Bakery // 114B Grange Avenue

Strawberry Blonde Bakery is vegan, nut-free and gluten-free, so they're basically perfect. You would never know they were so allergy friendly considering their cupcakes taste amazing. They have great flavours as well but I'd recommend the maple chai–you can't go wrong with maple.

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6. Life of Pie // 1134 Bank Street

Life of Pie is essentially a bakery that is known for their handmade baked goods. Their cupcakes should not be forgotten, though. An order does need to be made if you're looking to get a batch of cupcakes made, however, it's so worth the wait. Their designs are adorable and they provide many flavours that will satisfy that sweet tooth of yours.

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7. Beyond The Batter Bakery // 5507 Hazeldean Road

This adorable cupcake shop has every single flavour of cupcake you could ever want. I wish I was kidding but no, I'm just hungry now. They even have a cupcake called 'everything' which states it has a little bit of everything. Not sure what that means, but don't we all want to know? They also have daily flavours which makes it even harder to choose what flavour you want. Is it shameful to try them all?!

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