Crepes–the beautiful breakfast dessert that everyone loves. Whether it's smuthered in Nutella or stuffed with ham and cheese, they're absolutely to die for. Since crepes originate from France, that obviously means this dish is super romantic. 

Maybe you're going on a date and want it to be super romantic without being cheesy, or you're too broke to go to France. So here are 9 best places to go in Ottawa if you love crepes. 

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Luna Crepes & Cafe // 329 March Rd

Must try: Nutella coconut crepe, spicy beef 'n' cheese crepe

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A Thing For Chocolate // 1262 Wellington St W

Must try: The French crepe, cheese cake crepe

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Cafe Cristal // 240 Kennevale Dr

Must try: Pesto chicken crepe, apple pecan crepe

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Benny's Bistro // 119 Murray St

Must try: Savoury buckwheat crepe 

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Stella Luna Gelato Cafe // 1103 Bank St

Must try: Banana caramel crepe, apple and caramel crepe

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Uji Cafe // 215 Rideau St

Must try: Mango crepe cake, matcha crepe cake

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La Creppa // 106 Boulevard Gréber

Must try: Strawberry and whipped cream crepe, chocolate brownie crepe

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Wild Oat Bakery // 817 Bank St

Must try: Blueberry blintz crepe, very veggie crepe

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Wilfrid's // 1 Rideau St

Must try: Warm maple crepe 

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