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A New Ottawa Ice Cream Brand Is Launching And It's Flavours Are All Based On The City

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As we say goodbye to May, we welcome summer with completely open arms. And we all know that a main part of summer is ice cream! Whether you're someone that enjoys chocolate of strawberry, ice cream is always a summer must. Ottawa is home to a lot of different ice cream shops  that sell yummy ice creams. This new brand focuses on Ottawa's greatness and is a way of proving that Ottawa isn't boring. 

A lot of the time, people in other cities always say that Ottawa is a super boring city and that we're simply "vanilla". But this ice cream brand is here to prove everyone wrong. Ottawa is not boring at all. From patios with stunning views to the world's largest escape room, this city is amazing. The new ice cream brand launches in the next few days and we are so excited. 

Via NotVanilla

Not Vanilla is a new ice cream brand that showcases Ottawa's gems. Rethink Toronto is putting together an ice cream themed event this weekend to celebrate the great city of Ottawa. The new brand is launching in Toronto and will be giving out free samples this weekend. The pop-up ice cream stand will have all of the Ottawa-inspired ice cream flavours ready for you to taste. 

The flavours of Not Vanilla of course don't include vanilla. Ottawa is not boring and the flavours prove exactly that. Not Vanilla takes a stand against boring and refuses to offer vanilla ice cream. Instead they'll be serving a limited run of flavours that are all inspired by the nations capital. Some of the unique flavours include:

  • Rideauculous: Peppercorn + Plum
  • Roam Sweet Roam: Vegan Coffee + Date
  • ByWard ByNight: Smoked Caramel + Bitters
  • Urban Splash: Hops + Honey
  • Ottawild: Apple + Elderflower frozen yogurt

Via Not Vanilla

Via Not Vanilla

The pop-up ice cream shop will stand at Queen Street West and Peter Street in Toronto. It will be on June 2nd to 3rd from 12 pm to 4 pm. The event is on for one weekend only and they will be giving out free ice cream while supplies last. Get to know the nations capital by trying these exciting flavours of ice cream. 

Via Not Vanilla

Via Not Vanilla

Via Not Vanilla

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