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This Food Spot In Ottawa May Just Be The Healthiest And Most Delicious You'll Ever Try

And they serve beer and wine...

In Ottawa, we have a ton of places where you can indulge. From ice cream spots to restaurants that only serve fried chicken, we have it good here. However, it's now a #newyearnewyou and you probably have made a ton of resolutions to eat better or to workout. No matter what your resolution is, you'll want to eat healthy just so you have an excuse to go to this delicious food spot. 

Pirho Grill, which has two locations in Ottawa, is a Greek and Mediterranean restaurant that is all super healthy. It's basically a Greek version of Chipotle, only there are so many options you'll never be able to choose. You can choose from a salad, a grain bowl, mini pitas, mini pita + soup, greens and grains, or just a pita. Yum!

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After choosing your base, you then get to choose which dip you want, then a protein, your favourite toppings and then a dressing. They also have a ton of vegan options, as well as gluten-free options. No matter what you choose, there is no way you could make a meal from Pirho Grill unhealthy which is the best part!

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This spot is perfect for a date night if you're both trying to stay on track, and it's super quick if you need to be in and out the door! Seriously, this place has become one of the most popular spots in Barrhaven to eat and you can totally tell why. All the colours, the healthy options, and just how clean the food is makes you want to go back again and again. 

Did I mention they sell wine, beer and kombucha here?! Their beer is local from Kichesippi Beer Co. and their wine varies. They of course have other drink options, and they often have their own homemade iced tea!

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Seriously, who said eating healthy had to be boring? Pirho Grill has two locations, 81 Riocan Avenue and 346 Elgin Street and the hours for both vary. For more information on nutritional info, their menu, or hours, click here

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