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You Can Eat 13 Pounds Of Pizza In Ontario And This Is Where You Can Risk Your Life Eating It

30 inches and 13 pounds of pure pizza.

I'm sure you've seen gigantic pizzas on your Instagram feed, with girls looking super cute eating only one slice from it. While that's aesthetically pleasing and makes for a cute picture, realistically eating a giant pizza would not look cute at all for any of us, especially since we would 100% take more than one piece. But it would taste f*cking delicious.

While there are giant pizza slices in Toronto, giant bowls of Pho in Vancouver, and many other places across Canada with giant versions of our favourite foods, Ottawa hasn't seemed to jump on the giant food trend yet. However, a little place named Pembroke has, and they've come through with the biggest pizza in Ontario.

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An hour and a half from Ottawa is Joes Family Pizzeria. Voted the best pizza in Pembroke, this pizza shop has it all. From buckets of poutine to pizza contests that are absolutely brutal in the best way, you need to make the trip here. Let me explain why.

Joes Family Pizzeria has a 30" pizza. Yes. 30". A large pizza is 14" if that puts it into perspective for you. This pizza challenge is super intense, and I won't lie to you saying it's easily doable because only a handful of people have succeeded. Joes 30" Team Pizza Challenge rules are 3 people on a team, you have 1 hour to finish the pizza, and you have 3 toppings of your choice. If you win, you get the pizza for free, your team picture posted on the wall, a free t-shirt, and your team gets an $150 gift certificate to the restaurant. If you lose? You pay $75 for the pizza and win nothing. Not even your pride back.

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So if you're looking for the biggest pizza in Ontario, you've found it. Super close to Ottawa and super delicious no matter if you finish it or not. Especially since you can pick your toppings, it's best if you choose the lightest options such as vegetables and not heavy meats. But that's just my opinion!

So what are you waiting for?! 2018 should be full of adventures, and this is absolutely an adventure. Did I mention the weight of this pizza is 13 pounds? There would be no better way to earn your bragging rights than to finish a 30", 13 pound pizza, just saying. Joes Family Pizzeria is located at 284 Pembroke St W, which is an hour and a half from Ottawa. For more information on their pizza challenge, hours, location and their menu, visit their Facebook page here.

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