Let's be real here, brunch is the best meal of the day. You can sleep in, take your time, and still make it to brunch. What more could you ask for?! I know that some people love a ton of options when it comes to choosing meals. But for me, less is more. That's why this place is the go-to. They only have a few options on their menu, and 3/4 of them will cure your sweet tooth. 

While during breakfast they serve things like eggs and burritos, brunch is a different story. For brunch and lunch, you can get gelato, crepes, waffles or you can choose to get a panini or a wrap! But seriously, when you have the choice of getting gelato, crepes or waffles, you have to choose one of those. 

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Luna Crepes & Cafe is a cafe here in Ottawa that is to die for. Located in Kanata, you'll never eat anything more homemade than you will dining here. Their gelato is prepared in-house, and everything they make has fresh ingredients. No matter if you come for breakfast, brunch, or lunch, their gelato is ready for you all day!

If you have a sweet tooth, you'll love this cafe. They have a ton of different crepes from cookies 'n creme, to banana Nutella, tutti fruity and many more. You can also get some of the same on a waffle!

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If you're someone that doesn't have a sweet tooth, don't worry. You can also get any of their lunch menu items served in a crepe, panini or wrap. Imagine a cheese and steak sandwich but inside of a crepe, or smoked salmon inside of a crepe! Are you drooling yet?

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No matter who you are, you'll love this place. If you really only want a few options, definitely stop by for brunch or lunch. I mean, who doesn't love crepes? Or waffles? Or homemade gelato?! Of course, you can get any drink you want as well. They have options such as iced lattes, hot chocolate, and vanilla bean lattes. Yum!

Luna Crepes & Cafe is located at 329 March Rd #110 in Kanata and the hours vary. For more information on location, menu, and hours, visit their website here

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