Whether you're super fitness obsessed or your idea of fitness is going for a walk, everyone needs a cheat day every once and a while. For some, that cheat day may be once a week and for other it could be once a month. Or, it could be every single day. I don't judge.

When it's a cheat day, you can't just go get a burger and eat salads the rest of the day. That's not how it works. You need to be committed to eating shitty food the entire day, and be proud of it. Ottawa is filled with delicious food that isn't that great for you, which is perfect for a cheat day. So here is the ultimate cheat day guide in Ottawa that will leave you with #noragrets.

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1. The Hangover Burger at Burgers n' Fries Forever

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2. Nathan's Famous Foot Long Dog at The King Eddy

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3. Loaded waffle at La Bocca Juice

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4. Cheese Curd Mac & Cheese at Crust & Crate Public House

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5. Ignacios Nachos at Ola Cocina

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6. Nutella Pizza at Industria Pizzeria + Bar

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7. Red Velvet Dipped Ice Cream Cone at Chocolats Favoris

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8. All You Can Eat Sushi at 168 Sushi Buffet

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9. Salted Caramel French Toast at Benny's Bistro 

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10. Fried Chicken at The Fry

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11. Tater Tot Poutine at Elgin Street Diner

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12. Escargot Pizza at Piz'za-za

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13. Donut Dippers at Jack Astor's

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14. Pulled Pork Gnocchi at The SmoQue Shack

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