Pizza is by far one of the best foods ever. From the cheesy goodness to the soft bread there is honestly nothing to hate about this amazing creation. Seriously, if you ask almost anyone what their favourite food is, at least one person will say pizza. 

What makes it even better is when you get to customize your own personal pizza. Some people may love to have pineapple on their pizza and others may wonder why TF fruit belongs on a pizza. Some people love olives while others think they're too salty and overpower the pizza's flavour. All of these specific details come into play when ordering a pizza. Luckily this new restaurant in Ottawa let's you create your own custom pizza perfect for you. 

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Score Pizza recently opened up in Downtown Ottawa and if you’re a pizza lover you have to add this place to your list! There are so many options to choose from for your pizza toppings. Some toppings include caramelized onions, grilled chicken, mushrooms, bacon, tomatoes, spinach, pulled pork, and a variety of sauce options. To make this spot even better, the toppings are all the same price!

If you’re heading here and want to try something other than pizza, you can. Score offers up four different tasty sandwiches. From the original clubhouse to balsamic chicken, it’s a great option for a quick lunch break snack. Plus they serve up vegan cheese as well as gluten-free dough, so there really is something for everyone. 

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The process is super simple, you choose your toppings and then watch as your fresh pizza heads straight into the wood oven. There’s nothing better than having pizza straight from the oven! Make sure to head to Score Pizza for a customized, fresh slice of pizza.

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Score Pizza is located at 50 Rideau Street, right beside the Rideau Centre. The prices are super reasonable, for a 6" mini the pizza is $8.25 and for the 12" regular the pizza for $12.25. For more information about the restaurant's hours and specials click here

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