Cookie dough is not a trend, you guys. Since we can all remember, we've loved eating raw cookie dough even with the risk of salmonella. Is it worth it? 100%. 

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I feel like everywhere in the world is selling raw cookie dough as a treat. Obviously, except for Ottawa. But that officially ends today! Starting today, June 22nd, the glorious Burgers n' Fries Forever that everyone knows and loves has switched up their game for summer. And we're living for it. 

via @burgersnfriesforever

There is a new summer burger in town, that's for sure. Burgers n' Fries Forever has shimmied up a dessert burger that is unlike any other. This 'burger' is a raw cookie dough ice cream burger. Pardon?! 

At their two locations starting today, you can indulge in what is the most amazing twist on an ice cream sandwich. For all of you with a sweet tooth, your prayers are answered. Yes, just so we're clear, that's raw cookie dough and ice cream sandwiched together. No wonder they're called BFFs, they're always there for us in times of need. 

Soooo what are you waiting for? Check out their website for more information, and they're located at 278 Dalhousie Street and 329 Bank Street. Enjoy!

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