Halloween's coming up, which means it's time for more spooky content.

So, we'll start with Tinder.

Haven't heard of it? Good. But, if you have and you're on the hunt for Prince Charming, swipe right and keep reading.

You never really know who you're going to find once you start swiping. You can always have expectations, though. Here are 12 of the guys you're bound to find on Tinder in Ottawa:

1. Ashley Madison

"I'm just here for the weekend looking to have some fun." Who's the girl in picture 3?

2. Tequila Jack

All of his pics are from Barshots. He most likely sleeps in the basement of Junxion.

3. Bass Pro Shops

A supposed country boy who wears the hat, drives a pickup truck and at least one of his pictures involves him holding a fish in front of a tranquil lake. Most likely just lives in Kanata.

4. The Detective

"What brings you here? You doing anything tonight? So, Tinder eh?" Stop interrogating me.

5. The Nomadic Bachelor

A world traveller. He most likely has taken a selfie in front of Machu Picchu. He's searched the world finding himself. Now he's searching for you.

6. Usain Bolt

This guy wants to reach the finish line ASAP.

7. The Lifter

His first pic is a selfie of his abs in front of a bathroom mirror. He's fit. He lifts. His profile description makes well sure of that. He just can't really communicate.

8. Ego Edward

All 7 of his photos are selfies.

9. The Dog Whisperer

He's kneeling down on one knee with a golden Labrador, but don't fall for the charming trap that easy. May have bought the dog for the sake of his Tinder pic. Proceed with caution.

10. Abercrombie

A male model you'll dream of walking alone with on the beach at sunset. Most likely a catfish.

11. Erasmus

An international exchange student who's here in Ottawa just for the semester. His name is Paolo and he is from Roma. We all want to know Paolo.

12. The Wolf of Bank Street

This (probably early 30s) man has it all. The business suit, the car. Just not you. Will most likely take you to JOEY Lansdowne on a first date.

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