I think we can all agree that summer is officially around the corner. From so many festivals being lined up to weather that's in the double digits, the summer vibes are 100% upon us all. There are so many cute things that you can do this summer with your S/O to make for a perfect day.  

With the sun shining and the birds chirping, summer has the amazing ability to put us all in instantly good moods. With so many fun things to do in our great city, you and your bae will be spoiled for choice. Whether you two lovers are adventurous thrill seekers or you're both lovers of ice cream, from hikes to new ice cream cafes every type of couple is covered.

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15. Watch a movie together at Cine-Parc Templeton

Calling all movie loving couples, this date is definitely for you. Cine-Parc Templeton is in Quebec and it's totally worth the short road trip. Pack up your best movie snacks and make your way to this outdoor movie park. The drive-in is set to open this spring, so be sure to keep an eye on their website for more updates. 

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14. Reach incredible heights together at Parachute GO Skydive

If you two lovebirds are complete thrill seekers, then you have to add Parachute GO Skydive to your summer bucket list. You and your S/O likely won't jump together, but the shared experience together is sure to bond you. If skydiving is something you have always wanted to do, then now if your time to go for it. 

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13. Have a cute picnic together at any Ottawa Park

Nothing is cuter than picking your favourite foods and heading to a park for a day in the sun. Whether you pack an entire meal or simply some chips this is sure to be a fun and romantic date. There are so many parks in Ottawa you can head to for an adorable picnic.

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12. Explore the new Ottawa Art Gallery together

The new Ottawa Art Gallery is absolutely stunning. If you and your bae love art, museums, or simply love architecture, then this is 100% for you. The building is so beautiful, from the high ceilings to the unreal art pieces, you are in for a fun day at this gallery. Not to mention the fact that entry is absolutely free!

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11. Tackle new obstacles together at OCR Academy Ottawa

For all the fitness loving couples out there, this one's for you. The OCR Academy Ottawa will get you and your S/O tackling obstacles and swinging on monkey bars. This fun activity is an amazing workout and will leave you feeling tougher the next day. 

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10. Watch the sunset together at Nepean Point

Nepean Point is located behind the National Gallery of Canada and it is sure to leave you in awe of Ottawa's stunning views. After having a dinner in the ByWard Market you two lovebirds can take a stroll to the top of this hill and watch the sunset. This is a perfect way to get some physical activity while embracing the summer sun. 

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9. Go on a lunch date together at Headquarters 

Headquarters is one of the most modern cafes in the city. If you two are complete lovers of cafes and Instagram, then you two have to check out this spot. Headquarters serves up unbelievable meals as well as delicious sweet treats from Art-Is-In Bakery. This is definitely a cafe you want to add to your summer bucket list.

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8. Tackle an intense Outdoor Workout together 

If you two lovebirds like to live a relatively healthy lifestyle, then an outdoor workout is right up your ally. Running up this epic staircase behind Parliament Hill without stopping can be a challenge you want to conquer together this summer. There are plenty of ways to get your fitness on while taking in some fresh air in the city this summer. 

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7. Soak up the sun together at Morrison's Quarry

With the summer sun heating us all up, there's nothing better than heading to a quarry. Morrison's Quarry is just 30 minutes outside of Ottawa and if you have never been, now is your chance to head here with your S/O. Pack you towel, sunscreen and your hairbrush because you are in for a chill day in the sun. 

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6. Indulge in a delicious caramel apples at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory 

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is located right in the ByWard Market. It's the perfect place to go if you're craving something sweet after you finish your dinner. They sell a wide range of candy apples as well as delicious ice cream to cool you off. So if you two have a serious sweet tooth, check out Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory this summer. 

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5. Get your adrenaline pumping at Calypso Theme Waterpark

The smell of sunscreen fills the air at Calypso, can it get more summer than that?! This waterpark is sure to make you two feel like kids again as you run from one ride to the next. This is a perfect place to go for a date if you love to spend time in the water!

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4. Take advantage of patio season and head to Terrace on the Canal 

Terrace on the Canal is a beautiful patio to head to during these summer months. You and your S/O will enjoy a drink right by the canal (how cute?!). Not to mention the fact that the dome restaurants will be up and you will be able to grab a few photos of them as well as take advantage of the pretty flower wall at the Terrace.  

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3. Cool off with an epic ice cream cone from Chocolats Favoris

Soft serve ice cream dipped in a thick coating of chocolate? Yes, please. Chocolats Favoris began as a chocolate factory, now they serve up a variety of dipped soft serves and epic milkshakes. If you two lovebirds absolutely love ice cream, then this is the place for you.

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2. Have a romantic dinner at a gorgeous Waterfront Restaurant 

What's more romantic than having a meal right beside a waterfront? If you two are a couple that enjoys having fancy dinners, then these Ottawa restaurants for 100% for you two. Summer is your chance to spend as much of your days outside as you can because as we all know... fall comes super quick. Take advantage of the beautiful summer weather and enjoy a meal at a waterfront restaurant. 

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1. White water raft or kayak at Wilderness Tours

Adventurous couples will love this date! From white water rafting to bungee jumping to kayaking, Wilderness Tours has so many options. This is the perfect place to go on a hot summer day to cool off and have some fun. You can your S/O can make some new friends or take your entire family for an adventure. 

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