Let's be real for just a minute here, folks: Christmas and New Years are literally the best times of the year.

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But what about the in-between? That magical time just after Christmas, and just before New Years? For basically everyone that time is... well, it's a blank. A wonderful moment to enjoy your gifts, maybe go Boxing Day shopping, and then... chill? With family? Maybe?

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Truth be told, no one really knows much about that in-between time (except that it's apparently called Twixmas, who knew?). It might feel a bit boring, but there ARE tons of things to do in Ottawa during Twixmas that'll make sure you glide into New Years surrounded by a whole lot of fun!

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Check Out Downtown Ottawa, Aglow For The Christmas Lights Across Canada Installation

During the holidays, downtown Ottawa turns into a literal Christmas light paradise. Most of this is thanks to the Lights Across Canada light installation, which overtakes Ottawa's downtown core and Parliament Hill with tons of glowing Christmas lights.

Although the entire installation is mindblowing, Parliament Hill is legit breathtaking to look at. And the best part is that it's going down until January 7, meaning it's the perfect activity for those in-between days!

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Get Yourself To The Lac Leamy Casino And Indulge In A Mindblowing Holiday Menu At Le Baccara

Honestly, the Lac Leamy Casino is quite possibly the best place to go during the holidays (and the in-between days, too!). It's got tons of fun and unique experiences, just waiting for you and your friends to discover. And during the holidays, the casino turns into a winter wonderland of fun and discovery!

For example, their AWESOME restaurant La Baccara will be offering an insane holiday menu, available from December 8 - January 11. Imagine closing off 2017 with a five-course meal for a super special price; and although the exact menu is still under wraps, we can only imagine what delicious surprises await!

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Head Over To The Canadian Museum Of Nature For Their Nature Nocturne Event, Going Down December 29

To be fair, Nature Nocturne goes down at Ottawa's Museum Of Nature tons of times during the year. But this one event in particular is super special, happening right in between Christmas and NYE on December 29.

Called Frost, the museum comes alive in a mythical, ethereal setting. You can explore the museum after dark and watch as the exhibits seem to come alive before your very eyes. Plus, there's tons of mingling, activities and music involved... which is always a great time!

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Skate Down The Rideau Canal Skateway, AKA The World's Largest Natural Skating Rink

Honestly, skating rinks are pretty much the most fun things you can participate in come winter time.

And the fact that the world's largest natural skating rink is situated in Ottawa (AKA the Rideau Canal, which transforms into the Rideau Skateway once the temperature drops), AND that you can skate it come Twixmas, is just the cherry on top of this awesome Sunday. So go ahead: have fun and glide around the city!

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Or, If You're Down For Something Just As Epic, Glide Towards NYE At The Canada 150 Rink On Parliament Hill

In order to celebrate Canada's 150th, Parliament Hill is installing a huge skating rink right on the premises.

So if you want your next skating sesh to be as patriotic as it is epic, then you know exactly how you need to spend those days in between Christmas and New Years! And even if you can't get there during Twixmas, then no worries - the rink is said to be staying open until February!

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Head Over To The Lac Leamy Casino's Bar 7 For FREE Live Shows, All Throughout The Holiday Season

The Lac Leamy Casino has tons of super fun shows going down this holiday season - many of them completely free! For example, on December 20 you could see DJ Frazer spinning up some hot tunes for free; on the 22nd, you can enjoy the acoustic soundings of Trifecta; and, on December 9, you can even check out Rebound, a cover band covering all types of music, from Madonna to Bruno Mars.

Other than being awesome, all of these free shows have one other thing in common: they're all going down at the casino's Bar 7! Bar 7 is but one of the awesome bars at the casino; this one has a multimedia walls, interactive activities, live music performances, and a whole bunch of delicious drinks to choose from!

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Roadtrip To This Winter Wonderland, Less Than 2 Hours Away From Ottawa

Two words: Lumina Borealis. This gorgeous winter wonderland installation transforms Kingston's Fort Henry into a magical, interactive spot, complete with music, projections, art installations and glowing lights; it's up until February 19.

The best part? Lumina Borealis is situated in Kingston, less than a two hour drive away from Ottawa. So not only can you enjoy this glorious immersive experience, but you can get a winter road trip out of it, too!

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Then Venture On Out To Upper Canada Village, For Their Alight At Night Installation

On the note of awesome winter road trips, Upper Canada Village has got one serious rainbow waiting for you at the end of the wintery roadtrip... well, road.

Alight At Night turns Upper Canada Village into a gorgeous, glowing city - it's honestly a breathtaking sight to behold. About an hour drive out of Ottawa, Alight At Night is going on until January 6, meaning it's a perfect adventure to go on in between Christmas and New Years.

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Melt Away The Stress Of Christmas At Spa Nordik

Honestly, the holidays are awesome! But also a little stressful. Christmas is a crazy time, and New Years Eve just might be a little crazier... so head on to NYE free and clear of any and all stressors by spending Twixmas at a spa.

Spa Nordik is situated in Chelsea, Quebec, which is legit a 15 minute drive away from Ottawa. So go ahead, plunge yourself into a hot spring and literally chill ad the stress MELTS away.

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Party All The Way Until NYE At Club ALEA In The Lac Leamy Casino

Ah, Club ALEA. One of many super fun features of the Lac Leamy Casino, ALEA is basically a paradise for anyone and everyone who loves to have a good time. (So everyone, basically).

ALEA's got bottle service, VIP guest list and reserved sections every day of the year. But for the holidays, they're pulling out all the stops. They've got tons of DJs and special guests - like Domeno - leading up to their mindblowing NYE party, which makes it the perfect spot to celebrate in between Christmas and New Years.

But honestly, the Lac Leamy Casino is quite possibly one of the most fun spots to go to to celebrate the holidays in general.

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An awesome spot - with incredibly unique spaces and events - for you and your friends to live it up any time of the year, the casino steps up its game when it comes to Christmas, New Years, and any day in between!

And anyway, any spot that showcases AWESOME food, free live entertainment, delicious drinks and MUCH more fun surprises is totally a spot worth checking out!

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Oh, and if you want to make it a longer stay, the Hilton Lac-Leamy offers multiple packages!

For more information on the Lac Leamy Casino and their holiday events, including holiday menus and free shows, check out their website, Facebook and Instagram!

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