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You Can Get Nutella Everything At This Café In Ottawa

A delicious dream come true.

Nutella - AKA the world's greatest hazelnut spread; AKA a delicious miracle in a jar. Don't even try to pretend like it's not.

Which is exactly why a whole entire café dedicated to Nutella must be literal heaven. Let's be real for a minute, can you imagine a whole space dedicated to crepes, waffles, and pastries made with deliciously hazelnut-y Nutella? 

Well, good news! Stop imagining because that dream is an actual reality

Visiting downtown Ottawa's Nutella Café by Sobeys Urban Fresh, located on Metcalfe Street, is a super unique way to get your Nutella fix. Sure, they've got deliciously sweet, quality dishes made with Nutella - like waffles, danishes, and croissants - but they've even got new savoury dishes, too.

Located in the bustling downtown district and open 7am to 9pm daily, it's especially popular during lunchtime, probably because it specializes in offering easy, quick and delicious workday options.

They specialize in fresh, quick, made-to-order savoury crepes with some delicious combinations, like Brie & Smoked Salmon, Black Forest Ham & Cheese, and Prosciutto & Bocconcini; but their menu also has other yummy options, like soups, hot beverages, and fresh juices. (Is it noon yet?)

Of course, if you're a sweet tooth person at heart, then you absolutely have to try one of the Nutella Café's classic menu options. 

They've got fresh crepes topped with fruit and drizzled with Nutella; bombe, which are basically donuts filled with delicious Nutella; aragosta, delicate, Nutella-filled pastries; and many, many more incredible ways to satisfy that Nutella craving

So, next time you want to get your hands on something sent from the heavens themselves... you know exactly where you need to go. Whether it's for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and anything in between, downtown Ottawa's Nutella Café by Sobey's Urban Fresh totally has your back.

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