Natural beauty products are all the rage these days, and for obvious reasons. There are so many chemicals and bad junk in so many products that can be harmful to our skin. Reading the ingredients on products seems like a lot of work, but with these products, you can trust that they're made with love and only the best for your skin.

Ottawa is catching up when it comes to natural products, and now you can find them at certain shops across the city. Don't be scared of natural products, as they find ways to work just as well as the products in your everyday routine. If you're thinking about changing up your everyday skincare or makeup routine, this is the perfect place to start.

Here are 11 spots in Ottawa to find amazing all-natural beauty care products that you skin will thank you for:

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terra20 // Multiple Locations

terra20 has so many different brands of skincare and makeup lines, that you won't even know where to start. However, if you're looking to trade out all of your products now for natural products, you can bet you'll find them here. They also do price matching, if that's an interest to you!

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Planet Botanix // 301 Bank Street

Planet Botanix has amazing options that are homemade and they also sell products to help you make your own beauty products. They list all of their ingredients on their website (which is an online store as well), which means you can make your own version of what they sell if you're interested.

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ORESTA Organic Skin Care // Multiple Locations

There are two locations of ORESTA Organic Skin Care, one of which is a spa that sells the products and the other is an apothecary. They sell everything from dental care to gluten-free products and you'll feel so taken care of with the help of the employees if you're new to the natural beauty product world.

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Daya Spa // 200 Dalhousie Street

Daya Spa is a spa but it is also known as a wellbeing boutique. They offer a variety of natural products from different companies that you can trust and will come to know very well. If you're skeptical, you can get a facial or a skin treatment with one of their products from the store and base your judgement off of your wonderful experience.

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Saaboon // 595 Gladstone Avenue

Saaboon is a handmade vegan skincare line that is home to Ottawa. They make sure their products are made with the best ingredients, and are against animal testing. They have one store in Ottawa, however, their products are scattered around the city at other health food stores.

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Herb & Spice Shop // Multiple Locations

Herb & Spice carries a variety of skin care and beauty products, and they also love supporting local companies as well. They sell products from hair dye to natural nail polish remover and way more in between.

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Kardish Health Food Centre // Multiple Locations

Kardish has multiple locations around the city and carries all the products you need to revamp your daily routine with natural and junk-free products. They also sell one of the best natural makeup lines, which is Mineral Fusion.

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Whole Foods Market // 951 Bank Street

You just can't lose at Whole Foods Market. From fish to natural beauty products, they definitely win. You'll find everything here that you need and probably way more than you don't need. If you're curious as to what premium body care products they sell, you can look at that here.

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Purple Urchin // 884 Somerset Street West

Purple Urchin has everything you can want, even natural candles. Yes, the Bath & Body Works freak in me is living for this news. If you're a bath lover as well, they also have a large variety of bath products that you'll die for. They basically have every product you can think of, lets just put it that way!

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Lush Cosmetics // Multiple Locations

We all know and love Lush, however, there are some people who have not experienced how amazing it is. Lush carries fresh, homemade products that you really can't find anywhere else. If you want to pamper yourself, try the Mask Of Magnaminty and any bath bomb you desire. You'll feel like a queen.

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