We've all been there. Whether you were running late for work or just wanted to cancel on your friends because you wanted to stay at home and huddle up in your blanket burrito. Sometimes, we all just needed an excuse.

There's plenty of excuses out there, but there's just some you'll only hear in this city. As outrageous as they might sound, there's a lot of truth to them too. Chances are, if you're an Ottawan, you've probably used them at one time or another.

Here are 10 excuses you'll only hear in Canada's capital:

1. "My car fell into a sinkhole."

Not again...

2. "The OC Transpo didn't show up."

And it probably never will.

3. "The City snowplow blocked my driveway with snow."

Trapped forever.

4. "I was taking a selfie with Justin Trudeau."

It was for the 'Gram, OK?

5. "I have to go to a concert in Toronto/Montreal."

If one thing's for certain, nobody's coming to Ottawa.

6. "The Queensway was backed up."

Very, very backed up. Might as well leave for work at 5am.

7. "You just wouldn't believe the lineup at Bridgehead this morning!"


8. "A raccoon attacked me at Rideau Street McDonald's last night."

It's a thing.

9. "My friend just turned 18 and we're going to celebrate in Hull tonight."

Have fun.

10. "I had a protest to attend on Parliament on April the 20th."


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