If your date doesn't like sweets, should you even date them?

It's always fun to go out on a little late night date to get a sweet treat, and if your date can't decide where they want to go, I got you. Kingston has so many adorable little bakeries and ice cream places that it could take forever to decide. No, a late night date should not consist of a McDonald's cone through a drive thru.

So here are 10 places in Kingston to take a date if they have a serious sweet tooth. The sweeter the better!

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Geneva Crêpe Café // 297 Princess St

Geneva Crêpe Café is an amazing bistro that uses local ingredients and seasonal produce. They have many other options besides crepes, but the crepes and waffles here are to die for. If you or your date doesn't like sweet treats, but the other does, you can also get savoury crepes and keep the tension at bay.

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The Dessert Indulgence // 172 Ontario St

The Dessert Indulgence is the perfect place if both of you are dessert freaks. From cakes, to cupcakes, to cookies and tarts, they literally have everything you could want and more. You could share a bunch of them and test them out together, which would be a great way to see if you guys like the same things.

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MioGelato // 178 Ontario St

MioGelato is a quaint and adorable gelato shop that has every flavour you could want. You could argue this, but in my opinion gelato is way better than ice cream. If you take your date here and then sit by the water, you'll win their heart.

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Sipps Coffee and Dessert Bar // 33 Brock St

This adorable cafe and dessert bar is perfect if you want something simple. Their coffee is unreal, and they have a huge dessert selection that will make anyone happy. I mean, who says no to cheesecake?

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Coffee Way Donuts // 472 Division St

Coffee and donuts? No, we're not police officers but who the f*ck cares. I mean, this place is open 24 hours, and they have bomb donuts. Maybe you're hungry after a movie that you went to see and don't want to stop at Tim Horton's. Coffee Way Donuts is for sure the way to go.

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Reid's Dairy // 1695 Bath St

If your date is all about organic, or better for you products, then you need to take them to Reid's Dairy for some ice cream. They make their ice cream from basic ingredients, and you can get it to go or get a cone on a hot summers day.

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SimplyWell // 34 Princess St

SimplyWell has a 'guilt free' menu that are completely vegan and gluten-free. For the date that is either one of those, this would be the best place to win their heart. They have new treats all the time, but a staple in their menu is their carrot cake with 'cream cheese' filling.

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Cacao 70 // 340 King St E

For the chocolate lover, Cacao 70 is a dream come true. These are all over Ontario, but no one would say no to chocolate fondue, frozen hot chocolate, or just a waffle with so much chocolate on it you could scream. The term chocolate wasted is relevant when you leave Cacao 70.

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Parfait // 286 Princess St

Parfait is definitely a healthier frozen yogurt shop, and they do things so differently. They sell frozen yogurt, but they also have waffles, smoothies, coffee and tea. They have healthier toppings that you can put in your parfait/frozen yogurt cup and you for sure won't even think you're being unhealthy. This is the perfect date if you love sweets but are trying to cut back!

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Bread and Butter Bakery // 1530 Bath Rd

Maybe you love macarons, or maybe you love croissants. Why can't you have both? At Bread and Butter Bakery, you can and won't be judged. If neither of you like ice cream or anything too rich, this is the best place for you. They have cakes, homemade cookies, tarts, sweet loaves, squares, and pies. It will be impossible to choose just one, so get a bunch and see what you like! Their macarons will make you feel like you're in a bakery in France.

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