Whether you're looking for a place to take your first date or just a place to hangout with the squad over the weekend, Ottawa's got you covered with plenty of places to play billiards. Although the pool scene in Canada's capital may not be as big as some of us would like, there's always still a decent pool hall or bar to knock that final eight-ball in. Plus, there's a ton of good deals to be had, too.

Here's a list of 10 places to check out if you're looking to play pool in Ottawa:

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1. Cue'n Cushion Billiards Bar // 319 Bank St.

Cue'n Cushion has been in the Centretown community for over 50 years now. It's a pretty low-key establishment, which makes it easy to use on of its 21 pool tables and to grab a pint or pitchers at its 60 foot bar.

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2. Orange Monkey // 250 City Centre

All day on Tuesdays, the Orange Monkey serves domestic $3 beers and unlimited pool on Sundays for only $8.

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3. MacLaren's // 301 Elgin St.

Located at the top of Elgin St. near City Hall, MacLaren's has 21 available pool tables for $12 an hour.

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4. TailGators // 1642 Merivale Road

Everyday, TailGators offers unlimited pool from 11am - 6pm for a flat rate of $5.95. But, even better: If you're a student, you can play for free on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

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5. Dominion Tavern // 33 York St.

Looking to play some pool while exploring the ByWard Market? The Dominion, right next to Zaphod's, has a couple of pool tables where you can play per game for $1.50.

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6. Dooly's // 2279 Gladwin Crescent

Tables at Dooly's go for $13.25 per hour, but if you purchase a $19.95 membership, you can play pool for half the price on Mondays and Sundays for life (among other benefits you can check out here). Plus, on Sundays, personal pitchers are just about 9 dollars.

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7. Irene's Pub // 885 Bank St.

Irene's has two pool tables offers free games all day on Mondays. Every other day of the week a game costs $1.00, making it one of the best deals in town. Note: The pool tables are usually unavailable on weekends because of live music events.

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8. Fox and Feather // 283 Elgin St.

Fox and Feather does it right and offers their pool table upstairs for free. If you're heading down, try to make it for their half-price happy hour appetizers between 4-530pm and 10pm - midnight everyday.

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9. Minnesota's // 442 Hazeldean Road

You can shoot pool all day for as much as you'd like for $8 everyday from noon to 6pm. Above this, there's the cheap domestic beer tall boy cans for $5.50 (again, same price everyday).

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10. The Brass Monkey // 250 Green Bank Road

It doesn't get much better than pool and live music, and The Brass Monkey offers just that. Live, local bands play pretty much every weekend and the venue, just a short bus ride from Algonquin College, makes this the perfect place for students.

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