Summer is the best season to soak up the warmth and take a walk outside. Long romantic walks are the cute AF and they are perfect to talk about anything and everything. Instead of just sitting at home and watching Netflix, walking lets you stay active and really connect with your bae (plus it's free).

Whether you want to walk with your bae or even with friends, this list of places in Ottawa is sure to get you walking!

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Alexandra Bridge // Ottawa, ON 

Walking across this bridge at night means walking in peace and quiet. This inter-provincial bridge is usually noisy and busy during the day, but at night it is quiet and calm.

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Rideau Canal // Ottawa, ON

With the lights reflecting off of the water, this walk is sure to make you feel like you're in your favorite rom-com. 

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Sparks Street // Ottawa, ON 

Take a stroll down Sparks Street and admire the historic buildings and cute AF lights.

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Chapman Mills Conservation Area // 254 Winding Way

All the nature and adventure loving couples out there this walk is for you. You'll likely be in complete darkness so bring a flashlight and stay safe.

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Major's Hill Park // Mackenzie Ave

Strole hand in hand through Major's Hill Park. The tulips are at their prime right now, so definitely go check them out with your bae. 

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Nepean Point // Ottawa, ON

Walk from Major's Hill park to Nepean Point and look at Ottawa and Gatineau at night. This point is also perfect for a sunset Insta.

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Dow's Lake // Queen Elizabeth Dr ive

After walking through the Tulip Festival and watching the sunset, a nighttime walk at Dow's Lake is the perfect end to a great day. (Major Key Alert to all boyfriends, this is a cute date idea that would earn you major points!) 

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Wellington Street // Ottawa, ON

Seriously though, how cute is Wellington Street at night?! With the tulips blooming and Parliament on-route you're definitly in for a romantic walk.


Rockcliffe Park // Ottawa, ON

This is a perfect place to walk and enjoy nature. Rockcliffe Park is also amazing if you're trying to find a place to take adorable couple pictures.

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ByWard Market // Ottawa, ON

For all the couples that love people watching, the ByWard Market at night is exactly what you need. 

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Aquaview Park // Orleans, ON

If you live in Orleans this is a perfect place to go for an evening strole.

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