I'll start off by saying that we could have written a lot more than 11 points. Let's be real: Winter in this city is a frozen hell. A destitute wasteland of black ice and ditches of OC Transpo busses. I'd like to wish Ottawa's 2016/2017 winter season a warm, "Au revoir." Well, if it doesn't come back with a vengeance like always.

So, here's hoping for brighter springs, less foggy glasses, and accessible driveways. Here's 11 things we won't miss about winter in Ottawa:

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The sunlight

Wait, what sunlight, sorry.

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Sidewalk curbs

Mounds of wet snow and puddles (aka my jeans' worst nightmare).

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Sidewalks, in general

Salt stains on my pants are fun.

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Not having an excuse to come to work late ain't good, though.

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The icicles on my hair and eyelashes

When your trip to the OC Transpo bus stop becomes a Siberian expedition.

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Black ice

Always a fun time on the Queensway.

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Scraping off this in the morning.

That's my arm exercise for the week.

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The commute

K, we still gotta take the OC Transpo, but let's talk: How much worse does it really get when it comes to January. Thought so.

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Or when you think it's spring for two days...

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But it's really just winter taking a power nap.

Here's looking at today.

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Oh and this.

Thank you again for ruining my effort and hard work.

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