Ottawa is expensive. As one of Canada's busiest and fastest growing cities, it seems the cost of living and transportation are just skyrocketing. That being said, most people don't really want to move from here because it's so nice and scenic.

Living in Ottawa doesn't need to be all that costly, however. There are tons of ways to save your money but still life to the fullest here! For starters, try out some of the things on this list:

1. Use ClubZone to get reduced covers at clubs

Clubbing can expensive but not if you're smart about it! ClubZone has so many different clubs listed with the opportunity to sign up for guest list on most of them. It also keeps you updated on all upcoming events!

2. Save money by eating at places like Warehouse and Pub 101

Sometimes, you just have to eat out! But eating out can definitely add up and hurt your wallet. Fortunately, Ottawa has cheap spots to eat at such as WareHouse and Pub101. Seriously, a meal at Warehouse is only $4.94 and Pub 101 is $5.11!

3. Buy an SPC card

With so many tempting spots to shop at such as Bayshore and Rideau centre, retail therapy can slowly start to become a bad habit! An SPC card, which is exclusively for students, can save you hundreds of dollars in discounts.

4. Take advantage of all of the bicycle lanes

Instead of driving or spending all your money on a Presto pass, burn some calories by biking. Ottawa has a ton of amazing bike paths and during the spring and summer, these rides can be so scenic. In the winter, you can try skating down the Canal to your job!

5. Know your grocery stores

Discounts everywhere! You just need to familiarize yourself with your local grocery shops. From student deals, to coupons, Ottawa grocery stores are really good with helping you save money. If all else fails, Food Basics is the bomb!

7. Become best friends with Kijiji

Honestly, truly, Kijiji is a gift sent from God! It comes in clutch alll the time, especially for school books. Ottawa locals are definitely hella accustomed to using Kijiji so you'll find almost anything on there!

8. Hit up the movies on Tuesdays

Cheap Tuesdays! Get your movie and snacks for half the price; totally worth it. You might run into half the city so just make sure to get there early.

9. Take advantage of all the free things

From yoga on the hill to hiking Gatineau Park to the Free Store, Ottawa has so many things that are free yet totally fun! All you need to do is keep your eyes open but especially in the Summer, you can find so many free events and food festivals happening!

10. Go thrift shopping

Luckily, Ottawa is a pretty poppin' city meaning our thrift stores have some gems! Additionally, we're not just limited to the Salvation Armies and Value Villages because we've got dope places like Ragtime that make it feel like you're not actually thrift shopping. 

11. Rent instead of buying

There are so many things in Ottawa that are rentable. You can save sooo much money just by renting especially if it's something you won't need for long or something you don't do often! 

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