There must be some reason why people are still coming to "the city that fun forgot." And if that reason's school, then this school's got to be lit. One of the best in the country.

Perched on a lake at the crossroads of a canal and a river is Carleton U. For almost 75 years, Carleton's been providing not only some of the best academics in the country, but also some of the most vibrant student life in the city. Their secluded campus of greenery and tunnels is one of the nicest in the country.

Here are 12 reasons why you should go to Carleton U:

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1. There's a train.

UOttawa doesn't even have a bus station. You're basically Canadian Hogwarts.

2. There's a Tim Horton's every 100 metres.

Sometimes they're even beside each other.

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3. The Tunnels.

In case of imminent cold winters or nuclear fallout, Carleton's got you.

4. Famous people went there.

K, Dan Aykroyd dropped out in third year. But he went. And Shane Smith, co-founder of VICE, graduated from Carleton. That's big.

5. The student body is there to help you.

Even if you don't want it, just walk through Uni Centre or the tunnels. You'll have more info pamphlets than an entire year's worth of notes.

6. You can skate to class in the winter.

You're right on the historic Rideau Canal, which becomes the world's largest skating rink in the winter. It starts from the centre of downtown and ends right at campus.

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7. Carleton's won the Panda Game.

Twice. Disney miracle style.

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8. You're right beside one of Ottawa's prettiest neighbourhoods.

The Glebe. Like, look at it.

9. Their mascot is a Raven.

Not a Gee Gee, ya nasty.

10. All the new buildings.

All. Of. Them. The library, the River Building. It's all so modern, while the rest of the city is #ontrack2018.

11. It's Earth friendly.

They got a solar-powered building that's heated by sand.

12. The Athletics

Top-rate gym facilities. Even if you don't want to use them, there's plenty of stairs between classes to keep you fit during your undergrad.

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