Bubble tea, cotton candy, and coffee drinks oh my! K that was pretty lame, but you get the point. We've given you lots of bucket list options, but never any that are drinks. So here we are, granting your wishes that you probably didn't even wish for.

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If you're looking for a liquid calorie diet, this is it! I mean, it probably won't get you far since all of these are pretty dangerous, but you only live once right? So here are 14 bucket list drinks you have to try in Ottawa. Enjoy!

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Lightbulb Cotton Candy Bubble Tea // My Sweet Tea

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Drink in a Pineapple // The Standard

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Roasted Marshmallow Drink // Bistro CoqLicorne

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Cotton Candy Milkshake // Multiple Locations

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Raw Vegan Coffee Smoothie // RAW Pulp + Grind

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Champagne Pops // EVOO Greek Kitchen

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The Unicorn // Common Eatery

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Froot Loops London Fog // Bar Robo

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Love Oolong Time // The Moonroom

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Barbe-A-Papa // Atari

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Frozen Dark Hot Chocolate // Cacao 70

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Churchills’ Colossal Caesar // Churchills

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The Overload // Holland's Cake and Shake

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Elderflower Collins // JOEY Lansdowne

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