Their accounts on Instagram are so amazing, it was almost impossible for me to choose just one picture. Tattoo artists have incredible talent, and it's actually crazy to think that it's possible for them to put art on your body and it be exactly what you want. Whether some are more realistic or some are more cartoon-y, it's all pretty mind blowing.

It's obviously very hard to trust a tattoo artist when you're a tattoo virgin. Coming from someone with no tattoos and severe trust issues, I don't know if I could do it. But once you find someone who understands what you want, it's like you've met your soulmate. Despite the pain and all that kind of stuff, tattoos can be seen as a reflection of who you are. A picture into your life and obviously something very meaningful. These artists in Ottawa get that and it clearly shows through their work on their Instagram. So here are 13 of the most unreal tattoo artists in Ottawa you must follow on Instagram–and book an appointment with ASAP!

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Samantha Read // The Ink Spot 

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Alex Duquette // Blue Blood Custom Tattoos

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Lisa Cosentino // New Moon Tattoo

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Gretta Alva // Freeworld Tattoo

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Melanie // Freeworld Tattoo

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Alyssa Longchamps // The Gallery Custom Tattoo Studio


Edith Fluet // Blue Blood Custom Tattoos 

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Sarah Legh-Jones // Blue Blood Custom Tattoos 

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Scott McCauley // Freeworld Tattoo

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PJ Eagle // Living Colour Tattoo

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Jay Klein // Living Colour Tattoo

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Crystal Balser // MOD Tattoo

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Sarah Rogers // Five Cents Tattoo Shop

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