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14 Best And Worst Things About Living In Ottawa

You get the best of both worlds.

Ottawa is a pretty great city. We have a city and nature vibe mixed, and it's known to be a small but big city as well. And we can't argue that. 

It's no wonder that Ottawa has been named the best place to live in Canada, even though us who live here sometimes can't understand why. Between the contrast of our summers and winter, and how long it takes for us to get trendy things, us Ottawans definitely complain a lot. 

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This city is absolutely stunning no matter what the weather is, and if you disagree, then that's cool too. We all have our own opinions on if this city is meant to be the capital of Canada or not, but this article is all in good fun. C'mon, you know these things are true. Embrace it!

Here are some of the 14 best and worst things about living in Ottawa: 

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