Perched on a polluted river across from French Canada is Orleans: Ottawa's eastern suburb that's at the bottom and top of a hill.

Like any part of the world, we're not short of our own struggles (and commuting isn't the only one). There's a reason why some infamously call our beloved suburb "Bore-leans." Here are 14 of those struggles that some of us had (or still) face on a daily basis:

1. When bussing downtown: Blair Station and St. Laurent Station.

Literally half my trip.

2. Tobogganing down the ice slide at Green's Creek.

And nearly breaking your neck every time.

3. The St. Joseph roundabout.

Still avoiding it.

4. Deciding if your friends are gonna hangout up the hill or down the hill.

Is there no in-between?

5. Every time a fried chicken restaurant opens up beside the silver church it closes down.

That building is cursed, I swear.

6. When you hear people call it the Bob McQuarrie Centre.

It's the ORC. Stop trying to make the Bob McQuarrie Centre a thing. It's not happening.

7. The 131

The bus that conveniently encircles Orleans and comes whenever it feels like it.

8. Crossing the street at St. Matt's during lunchtime.

The crosswalk doesn't exist.

9. The waiting room at Urgent Care

Should have stayed at home and died.

10. When you're working in customer service and a customer asks if you speak French.


11. Finding a Burger King

Seriously, where are they.

12. Debating between swimming at Petrie Island or getting a bacterial infection.

If a beach has E. Coli warnings, you probably shouldn't be swimming there.

13. The top of the hill stole all the businesses from the bottom of the hill.

Remember the Bagel Run? The movie theatre? The East Side Mario's? Wal-Mart? All gone. Now we're left with an abandoned Target that's been turned into a Halloween costume/boating store.

14. When your friends ask if you want to go downtown.

How about we just stay in my parent's basement and drink instead?

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