It's summer - the season of love. Oh, and you're single.

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While couples are taking candid Insta pics and posting anniversary statuses (didn't ask), you're just cruising Han Solo. Nothing wrong with being single, though, as there's plenty in the city to do that would make any couple jealous. Who needs a boyfriend anyways?

Grab your squad or go solo around Ottawa this summer with these super fun activities we have planned for you. So, what are you looking for?



Ice Cream

Outdoorsy Activities

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Step up your brunch game at Wilf and Ada's

Grab your brunch babes and start your day off in pure bliss with a plate of eggs benny and Wilf and Ada's famous homies.

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Grab some pizza 180 second pizza at Fiazza Fresh Fired (because that solves all problems)

Just because you're single doesn't mean you can't have a whole pizza to yourself. Go for it, and get it in 180 seconds at Fiazza. The faster you eat one pizza, the faster you can get another.

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Check out one of Ottawa's summer food festivals

Grab some traditional ice cream in a bubble waffle at the Ottawa Asian Fest or step up your pierogie game at the Capital Ukrainian Festival. Ottawa is booming with food festivals this summer and you're gonna be full for days.

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Pig out at Monday all-you-can-eat wings at Pub101

Who are you even trying to impress anyway? Do what you love most and eat food - lots of it.

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Drown out your sorrows at the patio at Mother McGuinty's/The Heart and Crown

Drinking inside is depressing, especially when the Sun's out and it's nice outside. Check out this cute patio in an alleyway in the ByWard Market, or one of the other patios we have linked above.

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Dress to impress and get all fancy at the Andaz rooftop

Have all eyes on you when you show up bad and boujee at one of Ottawa's most stunning bars.

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Take advantage of one of these cheap drink specials

Don't break the bank when you're out drinking. Take advantage of Ottawa's many, many drink specials.

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Pay a visit to "Sundae" School

Visit Ottawa's newest (and cutest) ice cream parlour for some absolutely delicious and pretty sundaes.

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Visit Sweet Jesus or check out one of these other places for amazing soft serve

Ice cream is the solution to most problems, especially after a breakup and when you're curled up on your couch watching Bridget Jones' Diary.

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Cool off with a popsicle at Playa del Popsical

This alleyway baby blue popsicle truck is one of Ottawa's hidden gems and is just one of many places to grab a cool treat in the humid summer.

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Go soul searching at Pink Lake or one of these other Gatineau Park trails

Take a long hike and escape from the city across the river. Go on a solo journey, if you'd like - you don't have to talk to anybody, and sometimes that's the best thing in the world. No, really. It is.

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Soak up the sun at Morrison's Quarry in Wakefield

Just 30 minutes from downtown Ottawa, this cute little town in Gatineau is filled with activities. It's just one of many small places you can road trip to if you're too broke for a vacay.

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Face your biggest fears at the Great Canadian Bungee

What's more frightening than meeting your Tinder date? Jumping off a cliff into a quarry. It's only a bit more scary, though.

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Get in touch with your inner zen at Parliament Hill Yoga

Meditation's the key to relaxation, so get on the bandwagon and head to Parliament for yoga. Also, it's free.

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