Here in Ottawa, we love to complain about OC Tranpso. It's never on time, it's never clean (okay but it's a fact) and worst of all, the people who ride the bus are animals. We don't need to smell your breakfast sandwich that you got from Tim Horton's, we're already hungry.

There are a bunch of weird humans on the bus, and we've got to admit that the things they do are annoying as f*ck. Don't even get me started on acquaintances you see from high school that think you want to catch up. I don't. So here are 15 other annoying things people need to stop doing on the OC Tranpso ASAP.

When people put their bag on the seat next to them.

Honestly, you may as well just wear a sign that says 'I'm rude as f*ck'.

When people stand at the door when the bus is completely empty.

You must be a psychopath.

When people think it's okay to have a full on conversation on the phone.

Sorry, unless I can hear the other person/both sides to this dramatic story I don't give a shit.

When couples cuddle on the bus.

This is not the place. This. Is. Not. The. Place.

When people eat a full meal like they're at their dinner table.

Okay, can we not eat a bowl of curry right now?

When people cough into their hands and then touch the poles.

You don't deserve to leave your house.

When people get on the bus before you get off.

Patience is a virtue, my friend.

When people take selfies.

Okay, I get if it's like 3 am and you're just getting back from Tequila Jacks but still, stop.

When drunk people think it's okay to start a fight for no reason.

You don't deserve to ride the bus.

When the bus is empty but someone sits right beside you.

Okay wow, I feel attacked right now?

When young kids get on the bus and they act like they're on their way to Disneyland.

Can you calm down? You're in Barrhaven.

When people stare at you the entire bus ride.

For the love of god, stop winking at me.

When people say the 'left' their bus pass at home and try to get a free ride.

Bro, we're all broke here. Just admit it.

When someones bag is as big as a boulder and they won't put it on the ground.

I WILL push you if you do back up into me one more time, trust me.

When someone comes on the bus and you can hear their music better than they can.

It's also 8 in the morning and if I can hear your music over my Celine Dion playlist, you're too loud.

When people think it's okay to start a conversation with you when you have headphones in.

It's an unwritten law that you don't speak to someone with headphones in. Can you kindly go away?

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