It's hard having no money. You think you can't do any of the fun things your friends can do, or you need to save your money for other things. However, who doesn't have $5? You definitely have change laying around in your purse, bag, in your couch cushions. There is no excuse!

All it takes is $5 to have an awesome time in Ottawa, and I've got the list you've been waiting so patiently for. A little bit of money can go a long way, so here are 15 awesome things $5 can get you in Ottawa!

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1. A Power Hour class at Pure Yoga // Multiple Locations

At Pure Yoga, Power Hour is $5 and that's the drop in rate. You'll be able to sweat out all your worries, and not worry about how much money you just spent on yoga. You'll be less stressed knowing you didn't break the bank to relax!

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2. Glass of wine at 10Fourteen // 1014 Wellington Street West

On Mondays at 10Fourteen, a glass of wine is only $5. Wine can definitely be expensive, but sometimes you just need a class after a busy and stressful Monday. 10Fourteen has definitely got you when it comes to the Monday blues.

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3. Shows/Trivia at LIVE on Elgin // 220 Rue Elgin Street

At LIVE on Elgin, open mic nights are free cover and trivia nights are $5. If you and your friends are looking for something to do, how can you go wrong with Harry Potter trivia? You can't.

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4. Delicious two egg breakfast at White Horse Restaurant // 294 Tremblay Road

At White Horse Restaurant, a two egg breakfast is $4.95. You can get it with toast or pita, your choice of meat and tea or coffee. They also have pancakes and a B.E.L.T. $4.95 as well. You just can't go wrong with classic cheap breakfast dishes.

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5. Tour of the Canadian Museum of History // 100 Laurier Street

For a regular admission, it's $15 a person. However, if you take a guided tour it's only $3 a person and you get the ins and outs of the museum which is what everyone wants when they're touring anyways!

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6. Delicious cup of bubble tea at My Sweet Tea // 824 Somerset Street West

At My Sweet Tea, the most expensive tea is $4.50 and tapioca pearls are only .50 to add into your already delicious drink. They have so many options to choose from that you're bound to find your new fav drink here.

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7. A relaxing meditation class at Ottawa Shambhala Meditation Centre // 119 Ross Avenue

A meditation class at the Ottawa Shambhala Meditation Centre is free, but you can also donate if you can. If you're feeling stressed but still want to do something this is the perfect place to go. You'll feel refreshed and rejuvenated without spending money on a spa day!

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8. Healthy slice of pizza from Bread & Sons // 195 Bank Street

This healthy slice of pizza from Bread & Sons is only $4.95. They have vegan slices, and all of their choices are super healthy that you won't even feel like you're eating pizza. Score!

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9. An outdoor movie at Dundonald Park // 516 Somerset Street West

Ever since Grease, we've all wanted to watch a movie outdoors. Let's be real here. At Dundonald Park in the summer, the movies are free but you can donate if you desire. They have classic movies playing and it's a great way to spend a Friday or Saturday without spending a dime.

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 10. An unreal ice cream cone from Lois N' Frimas // Multiple Locations

A regular soft serve cone at Lois N' Frimas is only $2.86 and it's bound to be one of the best ice cream experiences you've ever had. Whether you're craving ice cream in the summer or in the winter, this classic spot in the ByWard Market will heal all your cravings for sure.

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11. A tour of the Parliament of Canada // Wellington Street

If you're from Ottawa and you've never taken a tour of the Parliament Buildings, it's not too late. The tours are free and you can basically get one any time you want, and it's super cool to see what the inside of the buildings you've seen forever look like.

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12. An Obama cookie at Moulin de Provence // 55 Byward Market Square

The famous Obama cookie is $2.95, and you have no excuse to try one out. This cookie that Obama was in love with is one of the huge tourist attractions in Ottawa now, and even though there is a new POTUS these will always be called Obama cookies.

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13. Every meal or drink on the menu at Pub 101 // 101 York Street

Okay, so I maybe lied. But if something is 1 cent more than I said it was, is that lying? Every dish and drink at Pub 101 is $5.01 and I'm sure if you have 5 bucks laying around, you also have a rare penny as well. Their food is delicious and it's definitely more than worth it to spend the extra cent.

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14. Play for a second or a few hours at Casino du Lac-Leamy // 1 Boulevard du Casino

Casino du Lac-Leamy, where you can spend a few seconds or a few hours. $5 at the casino can either last you a while or you'll be done right away but it's such a fun environment you won't even notice. Just thank your lucky stars before playing the slots and you'll make it far!

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15. A cinnamon sugar BeaverTails // 69 George Street

You didn't think I could write this article without including BeaverTails, right? At only $4.95 for the cinnamon and sugar one, you must try one if you haven't. And if you haven't, are you really from Ottawa? Or you can make it a cheat meal and not feel guilty at all. I definitely wouldn't!

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