Although Ottawa is quite a small city, we still have many neighbourhoods and suburbs to settle down in. Having the choice makes living here so much more desirable because everywhere is honestly so different. Each neighbourhood or suburb has many different and interesting people who are somehow all still very representative of Ottawa.

Sometimes living in the suburbs of Ottawa isn't your choice; it could be because you still live at home or because of financial reasons. That being said, here's a list of things that you'll definitely be able to relate to if you grew up in the suburbs of Ottawa:

1. You know your bus schedule by heart

2. Being in a relationship almost feels long distance

3. When making plans, you always need to add an extra hour or two for the bus

4. You always get stuck in traffic for at least 40 minutes on your commute back and forth from work

5. None of your friends ever want to come over

6.  You've heard the "Barrhaven? You mean Farrhaven" and "Orleans? You mean Farleans?" jokes way too many times

7. You barely ever really want to leave your house because everything is so far

8. You have a bus with one of those weird numbers like the 483

9. You don't have to worry about throwing house parties because no one will come

10. No one ever wants to drive you home unless gas money is involved

11. It always takes you 3 buses to get anywhere

12. Ubers tend to cancel on you a lot or they get upset when you tell them where you're going

13. You tend to see a lot of cows and farms on the way home

14. You either need to leave the function early to catch the last bus or spend a fortune on Uber

15. The last bus is at 11pm.

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